Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Tie........

These are just a few of our future missionaries! Spencer Sharp. ?, Conor Kikel, Preston Sharp, Bridger Lindsey, Teano Allsup, and Aaron.

Today Preston was set apart as a missionary. As part of a "ritual" that was established by Ben Adams in December 2011, each of the boys wears the same tie on the Sunday they give their last talk. Each boy then signs the tie, passing it on to the young man who is the next one to speak.  Ben Adams started this. He went to the Resistencia, Argentina Mission. Next, Nico Hansen wore it on the Sunday before he left for Mérida México. Conor Kikel is wearing it in this picture. He is at the MTC at the moment and is scheduled to leave for Cordova, Argentina later this month. Preston Sharp wore it last Sunday, he is leaving for Malaga Spain tomorrow. It all seemed so far away- Connor and Preston had to leave before it would be Aaron's turn- and now he has the tie. However, it is still 6 weeks until his "un-farewell",  but it is most definitely creeping up on us.

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