Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tough Week- Please Write!

Being a missionary mom bring with it its own set of challenges. On one hand you know that their mission will be a great opportunity for growth, yet at the same time you wish you could be there ever so often and give hugs and encouragement when needed. This was one of these weeks. A sweet kind message of encouragement of one of the members made it into one of Elder Proctor's mailboxes, which unbeknownst to this member, Aaron can't access at the moment. Using google translate gave us a bit of an insight what the message may mean. A wonderful young Thai man translated it for us and indeed it seemed that Elder Aaron may have had a tough week. This young man than sent encouraging words to this (somewhat worried and upset) Missionary mom... in essence he told me that the members of KhonKaen love their missionaries and that they like to take care of them and that if they sense that they are upset they will try to go to extra mile to encourage them. The same sentiment was given by the said member who told me...."Don't worry about him. we like him and take care of him very well too. Coz he is friendly." I shed as many tears over those friendly messages as I did over his discouraged letter this week. Did I expect for him to have a bad week eventually... Yes, I did. Aaron was the only elder left after this week, who had been in Kohn Kaen. Although, his new companion, Elder Susi is a seasoned missionary, he was new to the area. Therefore, Elder Aaron felt responsible for all the cancelled appointments. His companion's blog simply stated..."Pray for us". 
So, here is the letter from last week...

As you already know this week was probably one of the west weeks I have had yet. Basically all of our investigators dropped, including the ones that appeared to be golden investigators. The Sunday rolls around we call that day "Judgment Day"  because you see if your investigators come to church or not, guess what no one came!! It was a pretty tough moment,

The language is coming way well! It's just starting to come it is way sweet!
We recently went to a hospital and gave a blessing to a member's mother who is not a member. When we walked in it was a like a scene straight from the  movie "Impossible" ( a movie that is based on true events during the Tsunami of 2004) It was terrifying to say the least. It was way tough to walk into there and see so many people suffering. But it was way cool to give a blessing to her because she said something along the lines of "God loves me". She said it really quietly. It was so cool!! I know she felt the spirit way strong. It was awesome! 

So it was way funny at transfers because the mom of the mission, Sister Senior, has told everyone that they need to clean out their fridges and buy a multi-vitamins!

Todd asked him how the transfers worked logistically...
It went pretty well, no we basically drove all night to Bangkok then back it takes 6 hours to get there then back six hours, it was way fun to see all of my friends again and catchup with them!

Elder Aaron also thought that it was rather ironic that the worst upset stomach he has had since getting to Thailand, was after he ate at KFC......

Elder Proctor would love to get some mail. He usually does not have time to respond- but he could use some encouragement. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Piya Takulrasdra

Elder Proctor, Piya Takulrasdra, Elder Ellsworth
Aaron and his companion ran into this gentleman, Piya Takulrasdra, who is a Thai actor. One of the members took their pic and sent it to me! How fun!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Sightseeing, Transfers, Jurassic Kohn Kaen!

The stuff you sent was amazing it was very delicious!!! ( I sent him a package which he was able to pick up in Bangkok while was there during transfers.He went there to pick up his new companion).I do not know what picture you are talking about I is trying to think of which one it is. (So here is where it gets interesting....I have a picture of him and his new was posted by Kunnikar who was not in Bangkok where it was taken - so....I got an email from someone else asking me if I had seen Aaron's pic on some other Thai lady's, I hadn't but she is friends with Kunnikar  who indeed had seen the picture and sent it to me...mystery solved.... even more crazy to think that we got the picture! We got the picture on Friday and I was thrilled not only to see him and his new companion- but also the package he was holding. I was not sure it would make it in time for transfers and it did! Kunnikar is such a blessing to us!)
Elder Susi-President Senior- Elder Proctor

I am the only remaining person who is somewhat familiar with Khon Kaen ( Kohn Kaen was downsized from 4 Elders to two- and he is the only one that remained.... There are just the two of us running Khon Kaen district!!! The workload has increased since there are just the two of us trying to get investigators squared up. 

Add caption

The brother lives and works there he makes a delicious noodle soup mix. It is way good!!! It is the best! Kunnikar lives and works there as well. (I had asked about the pictures that were taken last week. Including the one brother who seemed to be working there.)
So transfers were way fun! It was fun to see all of my friends and what not, and it was fun to talk to President Senior!(The missionaries who entered the MTC 3 weeks before Aaron left for Thailand were being transfer-ed "in".  So my comp will be dying (that is what they say when missionaries are about ready to go home- Elder Susi will "die" in Kohn Kaen) next transfer. My new comp is pretty great this is his last transfer so he will be leaving in nine weeks to go back to America which is crazy because after that about two transfers later My first paa(trainer) will be going home! It’s way crazy!!! He is from Farmington Utah. Apparently his trainer is someone I know from SUU his trainers name is Wade Hess, I found it to be a strange coincidence that we know the same person! My comps name is Elder Susi.Basically at transfers we just have spiritual stuff and then we kinda "haze" the new guys by singing " Called to Serve" really fast in Thai just to freak me out.  Then we get our new comps by watching a power point and kinda guessing who is with who.  It's like playing lotto! It’s way crazy! Oh yeah I ran into Steven's friend at transfers, Elder Troy Christensen. It was way crazy. We talked about Steven and stuff. It was way sweet to see someone that i have ties to.

Well that’s all that really happened this week, it was weird week, and transfer is always hard to get up swinging again. In Thailand people all seem to believe Buddha is protected by a SEVEN headed dragon.... hmmmmm look that up in the scriptures and see what that is similar to!
Yeah so we spent a good four hours wandering around Khon Kaen. We found a mall called Central Plaza, (well not really found we had seen it before but not really gone to it) 6 floors each like a mile long super crazy! And apparently eating at McDonalds.... costs like 200 baht for some of the meals.  I'm like whoa! I could buy 4 meals off the street for the price of a Big Mac. I also found some dinosaurs randomly in Khon Kaen and we were like WE are in Jurassic park!! And then we quoted Jurassic park stuff it was way fun! (I read up on that and Kohn Kaen is the Dinosaur Capital of Thailand...HOW FITTING!! Aaron has always loved any- and everything dinosaur related. One of his favorite movies of all time....Jurassic Park!)
I kinda go sightseeing we went exploring on Saturday and ended up teaching number 1 and number two in the police force over Khon Kaen it was way sweet!!! I am still in the same house as I was before. It's weird with only us there its too quiet.
People have ceased to believe in miracles. It oh so apparent everywhere. One person we talked to stopped believing in God because he did not answer his prayers. People in Thailand love to make there cars into what I call a rice rocket ,i.e an old car that has a "souped" up engine and crazy sound system, then they start driving and the car sounds like it is going to shake itself to pieces, its funny!

Another week of discoveries.... I am happy for him!

Fossils in Thailand? You bet!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Movie Star, Mother's Day, "Monkish" haircut...

Happy Wan Mee day!!
So today is Mothers day in Thailand so Happy Mother's Day!!
SO right after I sent that email  last week... I went and got my hair cut. Needless to say I looked like a monk for a bit, I prayed hard to have my hair grow a little faster so I could be a better representative of the Lord!! Uhm then I ate duck after that, it was way delicious! Lets see my week in a nutshell.... went to a Buddhist funeral, had my picture taken with a Thai movie star (couldn’t get my camera out in time so one of the sisters in the branch took pics with her phone I hope she will send them to me), ate ice cream in a hotdog bun, and gave a talk in Thai. I was pretty nervous to give my talk in Thai since I was translating it from English to Thai. It was pretty cool though that I could do it. You may wonder why I gave a talk... well the family got baptized!!!!!! Three baptisms and four confirmations it was awesome!!!!!!
Baptism Day

Kunnikar Jaiboondee , a new found friend in Thailand, took a bunch of pictures of the Elders eating really small bananas.....)Those Bananas are way better then the ones in America so delicious!!!(Talking to a friend who had lived in China, she told me that those bananas are called "apple-bananas" and taste just like apples- she said they were delicious) Cereal is expensive here! Oh BTWS I took out a thousand baht today so don’t worry about their being less money! I bought myself an international Thailand soccer jersey for 200 baht which is like six dollars and 50 cents it is awesome!

So I ate an ice cream in a hotdog bun, oh man was it sooo tasty!! SO you have to use like Costco brand hotdog buns (yellowish) and have sticky rice with it. I know weird right, but it makes it taste sooooo gooodd! (This what is sold in Thailand as an ice-cream sandwich! And I would agree adding sticky rice to any meal is a bonus!)
Transfers .......basically we go to Bangkok and invite the newbies and get our new companions and whatnot! So I don’t know if this true but we kinda heard through the grape vine that I will be the only one staying in Khon Kaen. That means I get to got to Bangkok!!!!! Wooot and welcome all of my friends in (the missionaries that will be arriving are the ones that were in the MTC with him the last few weeks.)! The other elders will be leaving because they have been here for about 3 months! 

This a collage of all 4 Elders in Kohn Kaehn.
I will be getting a step Paa (paa is your trainer) my first Paa will be leaving. Transfers happen every six weeks, but soon it will be every nine weeks because of the new training schedule.
English classes usually are weird because if it rains no one comes and it seems that it rains only on Tuesdays (the day we have it) Satan controls three things cell phones dogs and rain! Church starts at 9 At the moment we have no serious contacts.

The people of Thailand are of average 5 foot 5,  They like to wear things that make them look taller though. There are so many old cars here its crazy, and they all are in such good condition its crazy. SO a funny thing..... I have been noticing is that you will see this wayy manly guy come out of a store and get on his pink moped and put on his pink helmet and phut away, it is so funny!!!!! 

 It’s so hot right now it is awful! And humid so is nearly killed me!! Dogs in Thailand are evil!!! They try and attack you wherever you go I usually just put my foot up in their face while biking if they chase us, then they will go away!
 I miss boating a lot, it is so much funnnn!!! Thai people love chicken, but they usually don’t take the bones out so you have to be careful when you eat. The chickens they have hear look almost dinosaur-like its really scary because they are really tall! Its really crazy here all the time people zooming around just living a different world. everyone here is so amazing though! 

SO the yellow truck is how a lot of people move around her, I also have seen people 20 plus in the back of a regular truck MIND Blowing, it was crazy to see all these people pile in to the back of truck.

Aaron looks happy. He really cares for the people. The few interactions I have had with people from Thailand have been sweet. They are so kind and caring! I love them because of the love they have for our missionary!


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Just a Little Thought

There is a picture Aaron sent that I hold dear to my heart.I won't post it here because I feel like I would need permission to do so. It is a picture of a beaming father and his beautiful 9 year old daughter on her baptism day. It touches my heart so much. They are so happy. I know they were taught by the missionaries. Having dad be able to baptize his daughter was such a blessing for the family. I will print this picture and put it on my fridge to remind me on days when I miss Aaron, why he is gone and that eternal families are what it is all about.

ขอบพระคุณ (Thank YOU) Kunnikar Jaiboondee

I asked sweet Kunnikar Jaiboondee if I could use her photos in my blog. Her response was ok and then she sent me pictures of Elder Aaron - Happy Wednesday to us! She made our day! Thank you dear Sister!
Baptism day!

Spreading Blessings

Photo Bombing..... the Aaron we know and love!

Beautiful City Pictures by Kunnikar Jaiboondee

Here are some pictures of the city...

Thai Buddhist Temple (Wat) During the Day

Lake in the City

The City
A Rainy Day in Kohn Kaen by Elder Proctor

Beautiful Night Shot of the Temple

Yummy Foods, Cool Restaurant, and Trucks.....

Well Sundays always vary, we usually have food and then we usually have a baptism! It is pretty sweet! Yeah my favorite fruit here is DRAGON FRUIT!!! It is delicious; this place has so many delicious foods! I also ate star fruit yeah I think I told you that already. Some of the food here I never ask what it is I just eat it, yeah if I am not careful I am going to get fat, because all of the food here is so dang good! Also their snacks are better it is the best!!  Some days I miss American food a lot; usually for breakfast I have oatmeal and toast, because the cereal here is very expensive!! Then I drink Soy milk at first it was gross but now I amused to it, chocolate milk here is amazing it is so dang good!!! But expansive, that seems to e a recurring thing! My favorite thing to drink hmmm probably the drink called Mansome it is very delicious apple cider. It is pretty great! The snacks I like look like French fries and are very salty so good! So the stuff here though is so weird like the fried squid to freak out by it to eat it!

Many of the members come from all over Khon Kaen because there is only one church building. If you think 300 members is a lot well your right in Thailand 50+ is considered a lot. At the moment we are teaching, well trying, to teach 3 LA's our newly baptized friend shall be receiving the priesthood next week!! Transfers are in 9 days, it is pretty exciting because I will get to see all of the little Thais that we left, it is going to be awesome!! I will be getting a new companion this transfer because it will be my second trainer. There are four elders in Khon Kaen, and no sister missionaries, we need sisters because some of our potentials are girls so we cant teach them without females. P
We do  service. It varies sometimes we go and cut grass with weird knives, or we clean the church.

Our Pdays are pretty much just relax because we work super hard all week long! We went last week to a place called Subushi, basically you sit there and have a pot of boiling water and food comes around on a conveyor belt and you throw it in to the pot and cook it, it was way fun!! The reason i cant send a lot of pics is because the computers here make the pics massive!

That’s way weird that everyone is moving it just seems so bizarre. Learning Thai comes slowly I guess I mean it is a language of noodles it is way hard to get the tones right all the time and it is hard to memorize it some times! OK there are some many trucks here that look like the truck from "Back to the Future", it super weird!

Sorry that this is short i have less time today then I did last time, but I love you so much! I know this church is true. This is an amazing place! I love the work!

I love that he loves Thailand! I so do hope to visit some day!