Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tough Week- Please Write!

Being a missionary mom bring with it its own set of challenges. On one hand you know that their mission will be a great opportunity for growth, yet at the same time you wish you could be there ever so often and give hugs and encouragement when needed. This was one of these weeks. A sweet kind message of encouragement of one of the members made it into one of Elder Proctor's mailboxes, which unbeknownst to this member, Aaron can't access at the moment. Using google translate gave us a bit of an insight what the message may mean. A wonderful young Thai man translated it for us and indeed it seemed that Elder Aaron may have had a tough week. This young man than sent encouraging words to this (somewhat worried and upset) Missionary mom... in essence he told me that the members of KhonKaen love their missionaries and that they like to take care of them and that if they sense that they are upset they will try to go to extra mile to encourage them. The same sentiment was given by the said member who told me...."Don't worry about him. we like him and take care of him very well too. Coz he is friendly." I shed as many tears over those friendly messages as I did over his discouraged letter this week. Did I expect for him to have a bad week eventually... Yes, I did. Aaron was the only elder left after this week, who had been in Kohn Kaen. Although, his new companion, Elder Susi is a seasoned missionary, he was new to the area. Therefore, Elder Aaron felt responsible for all the cancelled appointments. His companion's blog simply stated..."Pray for us". 
So, here is the letter from last week...

As you already know this week was probably one of the west weeks I have had yet. Basically all of our investigators dropped, including the ones that appeared to be golden investigators. The Sunday rolls around we call that day "Judgment Day"  because you see if your investigators come to church or not, guess what no one came!! It was a pretty tough moment,

The language is coming way well! It's just starting to come it is way sweet!
We recently went to a hospital and gave a blessing to a member's mother who is not a member. When we walked in it was a like a scene straight from the  movie "Impossible" ( a movie that is based on true events during the Tsunami of 2004) It was terrifying to say the least. It was way tough to walk into there and see so many people suffering. But it was way cool to give a blessing to her because she said something along the lines of "God loves me". She said it really quietly. It was so cool!! I know she felt the spirit way strong. It was awesome! 

So it was way funny at transfers because the mom of the mission, Sister Senior, has told everyone that they need to clean out their fridges and buy a multi-vitamins!

Todd asked him how the transfers worked logistically...
It went pretty well, no we basically drove all night to Bangkok then back it takes 6 hours to get there then back six hours, it was way fun to see all of my friends again and catchup with them!

Elder Aaron also thought that it was rather ironic that the worst upset stomach he has had since getting to Thailand, was after he ate at KFC......

Elder Proctor would love to get some mail. He usually does not have time to respond- but he could use some encouragement. 

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