Monday, August 19, 2013

Sightseeing, Transfers, Jurassic Kohn Kaen!

The stuff you sent was amazing it was very delicious!!! ( I sent him a package which he was able to pick up in Bangkok while was there during transfers.He went there to pick up his new companion).I do not know what picture you are talking about I is trying to think of which one it is. (So here is where it gets interesting....I have a picture of him and his new was posted by Kunnikar who was not in Bangkok where it was taken - so....I got an email from someone else asking me if I had seen Aaron's pic on some other Thai lady's, I hadn't but she is friends with Kunnikar  who indeed had seen the picture and sent it to me...mystery solved.... even more crazy to think that we got the picture! We got the picture on Friday and I was thrilled not only to see him and his new companion- but also the package he was holding. I was not sure it would make it in time for transfers and it did! Kunnikar is such a blessing to us!)
Elder Susi-President Senior- Elder Proctor

I am the only remaining person who is somewhat familiar with Khon Kaen ( Kohn Kaen was downsized from 4 Elders to two- and he is the only one that remained.... There are just the two of us running Khon Kaen district!!! The workload has increased since there are just the two of us trying to get investigators squared up. 

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The brother lives and works there he makes a delicious noodle soup mix. It is way good!!! It is the best! Kunnikar lives and works there as well. (I had asked about the pictures that were taken last week. Including the one brother who seemed to be working there.)
So transfers were way fun! It was fun to see all of my friends and what not, and it was fun to talk to President Senior!(The missionaries who entered the MTC 3 weeks before Aaron left for Thailand were being transfer-ed "in".  So my comp will be dying (that is what they say when missionaries are about ready to go home- Elder Susi will "die" in Kohn Kaen) next transfer. My new comp is pretty great this is his last transfer so he will be leaving in nine weeks to go back to America which is crazy because after that about two transfers later My first paa(trainer) will be going home! It’s way crazy!!! He is from Farmington Utah. Apparently his trainer is someone I know from SUU his trainers name is Wade Hess, I found it to be a strange coincidence that we know the same person! My comps name is Elder Susi.Basically at transfers we just have spiritual stuff and then we kinda "haze" the new guys by singing " Called to Serve" really fast in Thai just to freak me out.  Then we get our new comps by watching a power point and kinda guessing who is with who.  It's like playing lotto! It’s way crazy! Oh yeah I ran into Steven's friend at transfers, Elder Troy Christensen. It was way crazy. We talked about Steven and stuff. It was way sweet to see someone that i have ties to.

Well that’s all that really happened this week, it was weird week, and transfer is always hard to get up swinging again. In Thailand people all seem to believe Buddha is protected by a SEVEN headed dragon.... hmmmmm look that up in the scriptures and see what that is similar to!
Yeah so we spent a good four hours wandering around Khon Kaen. We found a mall called Central Plaza, (well not really found we had seen it before but not really gone to it) 6 floors each like a mile long super crazy! And apparently eating at McDonalds.... costs like 200 baht for some of the meals.  I'm like whoa! I could buy 4 meals off the street for the price of a Big Mac. I also found some dinosaurs randomly in Khon Kaen and we were like WE are in Jurassic park!! And then we quoted Jurassic park stuff it was way fun! (I read up on that and Kohn Kaen is the Dinosaur Capital of Thailand...HOW FITTING!! Aaron has always loved any- and everything dinosaur related. One of his favorite movies of all time....Jurassic Park!)
I kinda go sightseeing we went exploring on Saturday and ended up teaching number 1 and number two in the police force over Khon Kaen it was way sweet!!! I am still in the same house as I was before. It's weird with only us there its too quiet.
People have ceased to believe in miracles. It oh so apparent everywhere. One person we talked to stopped believing in God because he did not answer his prayers. People in Thailand love to make there cars into what I call a rice rocket ,i.e an old car that has a "souped" up engine and crazy sound system, then they start driving and the car sounds like it is going to shake itself to pieces, its funny!

Another week of discoveries.... I am happy for him!

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