Monday, August 12, 2013

Movie Star, Mother's Day, "Monkish" haircut...

Happy Wan Mee day!!
So today is Mothers day in Thailand so Happy Mother's Day!!
SO right after I sent that email  last week... I went and got my hair cut. Needless to say I looked like a monk for a bit, I prayed hard to have my hair grow a little faster so I could be a better representative of the Lord!! Uhm then I ate duck after that, it was way delicious! Lets see my week in a nutshell.... went to a Buddhist funeral, had my picture taken with a Thai movie star (couldn’t get my camera out in time so one of the sisters in the branch took pics with her phone I hope she will send them to me), ate ice cream in a hotdog bun, and gave a talk in Thai. I was pretty nervous to give my talk in Thai since I was translating it from English to Thai. It was pretty cool though that I could do it. You may wonder why I gave a talk... well the family got baptized!!!!!! Three baptisms and four confirmations it was awesome!!!!!!
Baptism Day

Kunnikar Jaiboondee , a new found friend in Thailand, took a bunch of pictures of the Elders eating really small bananas.....)Those Bananas are way better then the ones in America so delicious!!!(Talking to a friend who had lived in China, she told me that those bananas are called "apple-bananas" and taste just like apples- she said they were delicious) Cereal is expensive here! Oh BTWS I took out a thousand baht today so don’t worry about their being less money! I bought myself an international Thailand soccer jersey for 200 baht which is like six dollars and 50 cents it is awesome!

So I ate an ice cream in a hotdog bun, oh man was it sooo tasty!! SO you have to use like Costco brand hotdog buns (yellowish) and have sticky rice with it. I know weird right, but it makes it taste sooooo gooodd! (This what is sold in Thailand as an ice-cream sandwich! And I would agree adding sticky rice to any meal is a bonus!)
Transfers .......basically we go to Bangkok and invite the newbies and get our new companions and whatnot! So I don’t know if this true but we kinda heard through the grape vine that I will be the only one staying in Khon Kaen. That means I get to got to Bangkok!!!!! Wooot and welcome all of my friends in (the missionaries that will be arriving are the ones that were in the MTC with him the last few weeks.)! The other elders will be leaving because they have been here for about 3 months! 

This a collage of all 4 Elders in Kohn Kaehn.
I will be getting a step Paa (paa is your trainer) my first Paa will be leaving. Transfers happen every six weeks, but soon it will be every nine weeks because of the new training schedule.
English classes usually are weird because if it rains no one comes and it seems that it rains only on Tuesdays (the day we have it) Satan controls three things cell phones dogs and rain! Church starts at 9 At the moment we have no serious contacts.

The people of Thailand are of average 5 foot 5,  They like to wear things that make them look taller though. There are so many old cars here its crazy, and they all are in such good condition its crazy. SO a funny thing..... I have been noticing is that you will see this wayy manly guy come out of a store and get on his pink moped and put on his pink helmet and phut away, it is so funny!!!!! 

 It’s so hot right now it is awful! And humid so is nearly killed me!! Dogs in Thailand are evil!!! They try and attack you wherever you go I usually just put my foot up in their face while biking if they chase us, then they will go away!
 I miss boating a lot, it is so much funnnn!!! Thai people love chicken, but they usually don’t take the bones out so you have to be careful when you eat. The chickens they have hear look almost dinosaur-like its really scary because they are really tall! Its really crazy here all the time people zooming around just living a different world. everyone here is so amazing though! 

SO the yellow truck is how a lot of people move around her, I also have seen people 20 plus in the back of a regular truck MIND Blowing, it was crazy to see all these people pile in to the back of truck.

Aaron looks happy. He really cares for the people. The few interactions I have had with people from Thailand have been sweet. They are so kind and caring! I love them because of the love they have for our missionary!


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