Thursday, August 8, 2013

Yummy Foods, Cool Restaurant, and Trucks.....

Well Sundays always vary, we usually have food and then we usually have a baptism! It is pretty sweet! Yeah my favorite fruit here is DRAGON FRUIT!!! It is delicious; this place has so many delicious foods! I also ate star fruit yeah I think I told you that already. Some of the food here I never ask what it is I just eat it, yeah if I am not careful I am going to get fat, because all of the food here is so dang good! Also their snacks are better it is the best!!  Some days I miss American food a lot; usually for breakfast I have oatmeal and toast, because the cereal here is very expensive!! Then I drink Soy milk at first it was gross but now I amused to it, chocolate milk here is amazing it is so dang good!!! But expansive, that seems to e a recurring thing! My favorite thing to drink hmmm probably the drink called Mansome it is very delicious apple cider. It is pretty great! The snacks I like look like French fries and are very salty so good! So the stuff here though is so weird like the fried squid to freak out by it to eat it!

Many of the members come from all over Khon Kaen because there is only one church building. If you think 300 members is a lot well your right in Thailand 50+ is considered a lot. At the moment we are teaching, well trying, to teach 3 LA's our newly baptized friend shall be receiving the priesthood next week!! Transfers are in 9 days, it is pretty exciting because I will get to see all of the little Thais that we left, it is going to be awesome!! I will be getting a new companion this transfer because it will be my second trainer. There are four elders in Khon Kaen, and no sister missionaries, we need sisters because some of our potentials are girls so we cant teach them without females. P
We do  service. It varies sometimes we go and cut grass with weird knives, or we clean the church.

Our Pdays are pretty much just relax because we work super hard all week long! We went last week to a place called Subushi, basically you sit there and have a pot of boiling water and food comes around on a conveyor belt and you throw it in to the pot and cook it, it was way fun!! The reason i cant send a lot of pics is because the computers here make the pics massive!

That’s way weird that everyone is moving it just seems so bizarre. Learning Thai comes slowly I guess I mean it is a language of noodles it is way hard to get the tones right all the time and it is hard to memorize it some times! OK there are some many trucks here that look like the truck from "Back to the Future", it super weird!

Sorry that this is short i have less time today then I did last time, but I love you so much! I know this church is true. This is an amazing place! I love the work!

I love that he loves Thailand! I so do hope to visit some day!


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