Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ready to Leave

Elder Proctor is ready to leave. His final e-mail from the M.T.C. was brief and you could tell that he was counting days until he could leave. There is only so much MTC chocolate milk you can drink.... my favorite part of Wednesday's e-mail was a follow-up email that I caught just in time to respond to him and so we "communicated" via e-mail for a couple of minutes. He is leaving on Monday, having 2 lay-overs. The first one is in Los Angeles and the other in Hong Kong. He will travel for approximately 25 hours. The time difference is 13 hours (ahead. This means he will leave Monday and get to Bangkok on Wednesday. Yikes! The weather in Bangkok for the coming week is the same for every day...Highs in the 90's- low in the 80's, a 60% chance of rain and a humidity level of 80%. This is the monsoon season in Thailand. I will complain less about our dry heat. To put things into perspective our current humidity level is 27%. Anyway, two of his really good friends entered the MTC on Wednesday and he is hoping against hope to run into them. (no small feat with 3000+ missionaries). So here are his thoughts...

 I love you so much, this email will be disappointingly short because I don't have much to really (say) except that I sent Tony a BOM last week, and hopefully he gets it. Also the time you can see me in the world wide broadcast is at 1:54:22 1:54:12 and 1:53:44 I am wearing my glasses, the reason I know that its at these times is because we viewed it online . (This is in regards to the Hastening the Work broadcast that you can watch on line at basically I am forever immortalized!!! muhhhahahaaha. The MTC is getting so crowded, its ridiculous, I am so glad I am leaving. I may have to leave one of my suitcases here because it may be too large. the size of carry-on we are allowed to take on the flight to Thailand is 22X14 whatever that means. so yeah. I love you so much!!!!!! I am leaving in the afternoon on Monday, I know its the best! When I leave though I will not be with my companions any more. They split me and two other elders into a different flight. which I found to be very odd... yeah. on the plus side I can't wait to go to Thailand!!

Well, I did manage to find a smaller carry-on and while I was "messaging" him was able to let him know how to return the other one to us. We have been using a wonderful place called Postmart that will get packages to the MTC on the same day for only 2$ and if missionaries need to send anything back, they will pick it up for free and we can pick it up. What a blessing. So, I dropped off his carry-on today- filled with goodies and last minute letters.So, off he goes and from now on the blog will be filled with fun adventures from Thailand!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Stir Crazy

After having been at the MTC for 7 weeks now, Aaron may be going a little stir crazy..... and who can blame him. Well, he has 12 days left until he flies out. He is supposed to get his travel information sometime later this week or at the beginning of next. He is ready to go- I think. Aaron will be in the 1000+ choir of missionaries that will sing at the special New Mission President training that will be broadcast on Sunday. I think you can watch it at Todd and I will be attending it at the stake center. (This mom is hoping to get a glimpse of her son....yeah right...what did I say....1000+ ???????)
Anyway, he does not have a ton to say but here it is....

I will be getting my travel plans sometime this week! I am no longer zone leader. The reason I got released was because my threeish weeks were up and Pres. Jackson wanted to let some other people be in leadership positions. I am now district leader, but on the plus side I got to welcome all of the new Thai,Hmong,Viets,and Cambos last week! They all are a bunch of firecrackers! They are way crazy, so I am glad that I don't have to coral them together at night! The week has been accelerating  It looks like you all are having so much fun at home, just so you know I leave July first and it is a 24 hour flight because we completely skip a day and arrive July third! Yeah!! I'm so excited!

We got interviewed yesterday by the Salt Lake Tribune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so look for an article about the Provo mtc and missionaries, you may see a picture of me in there! so yeah! I do not know when it will be released but it was our district alone that got interviewed! OOOHHHHH YEEEEEAAAAHHH!!!!  I am forgetting how to sing some of my favorite Relient k songs, its kinda sad, and all the pop songs I remember I have started to change them into MTC style stuff!!! Like Call me maybe we changed to write me on pday! ' Hey I just met you, sister this is crazy so here's my email so write me p-day!" Yeah another song we have changed is Story of a girl. It goes along the lines of  " This is the story of a girl whose testimony changed the world, I knew when she felt the spirit when she cried!"\

I love you so much
Elder Proctor ( Muffasa) ( Slugworth) (ATP)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

6 weeks....since he!

I mentioned that I would like to put together a first aid backpack for him- in case of a natural disaster- including lots of different items so he could help out. Also he finally answered the whole...instacare cliffhanger....
I love the idea of having a emergency pack it sounds like a grand idea!I love that you thought of that. I am actually going to try to host today (welcoming new missionaries) so we will see if that happens and if it does not work then oh well I can say I tried!The reason I was at instacare was that Elder Black was sick and, on Saturday the health clinic in the MTC was closed, by the time we got there, so they shipped us over to the instacare.  We got to see the real world, smell fresh air, and be like unto a missionary!!!!!!! Yeah, I'm that awesome! So I have run into Elder Richardson(college roommate) at least three times since he got here. When he first said hello to me, he ran and gave me a big bear hug and I felt the spirit coursing through  him.  It was AWESOME!!!!! Yesterday at the devotional we got to hear from Elder Arnold and his wife.  His wife is the one with the story about the cow that eats the wheat and she calls it a "stupid cow" . I was like, hey I remember your husband talking about that! Yep monkey! I have had so many blessings, I have decided to become like Brigham Young and become the Lion Of The Lord.  I am going to be bold about the gospel.  I'm kinda really excited! I am planning of giving a Book Of Mormon out at the airport  or on the plane, whichever happens, I am pretty excited! After every devotional I am just super pumped and I want to go preach the word even though I can only cobble a broken sentence in Thai together.
I have to say that Tony and Alyssa are pretty much some of the nicest people out there. I mean they took Brian to Frogurt .I could not have asked for better friends at all! So, a lot of my friends think I am in Thailand right now.  I think it is kinda funnyy!!
 Today all the new Thais and Viets, and Cambos are coming, SO my duties as a Zone leader are now in full swing.There are over 50 new missionaries for those countries entering the MTC today...

We lost on of our favorite teaches to the new Thais though, so we all are preetty bummed out!
I LOB YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! I have decided that English is very hard! Thank you for believing in me!

Good Times!

 Saying goodbye to a favorite teacher whom they last to the 41 new missionaries who entered the MTC today- all eventually going to Thailand!

                             Cool like that....

Dying of the heat....yep that is Aaron all passed out...just you wait till it is hot and humid....

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Hi, this leaves me with more questions than answers. He had a super spiritual and very personal experience this last week. As for the rest.....

Yeah, I am always so tired,  but whatever so is the life of a missionary. We all are sick, the one thing you did not send in the pharmacy was things to take care of coughs!! Yes, every Sunday I have two meetings, then on Tuesday I have a meeting as well! Yeahhhh my life is so much fun!! Things are going along well with my comps. We are all so different that it is awesome!!! We now have over twenty pounds of food at the residence hall so we don't need anymore snacks! We can barely eat them all! Yeah so one of the many adventures we had here was that we got to leave the MTC to go the insta-care, the reason was the health clinic was close so we had to go to the doctors office in Provo! It was so exciting to leave the MTC! It was weird that I got so excited to leave the MTC! I love you all!

So now mom can't help but wonder why they went to Insta-care...was it the cough...? I guess we have to wait for the insurance statement to find out....