Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Stir Crazy

After having been at the MTC for 7 weeks now, Aaron may be going a little stir crazy..... and who can blame him. Well, he has 12 days left until he flies out. He is supposed to get his travel information sometime later this week or at the beginning of next. He is ready to go- I think. Aaron will be in the 1000+ choir of missionaries that will sing at the special New Mission President training that will be broadcast on Sunday. I think you can watch it at Todd and I will be attending it at the stake center. (This mom is hoping to get a glimpse of her son....yeah right...what did I say....1000+ ???????)
Anyway, he does not have a ton to say but here it is....

I will be getting my travel plans sometime this week! I am no longer zone leader. The reason I got released was because my threeish weeks were up and Pres. Jackson wanted to let some other people be in leadership positions. I am now district leader, but on the plus side I got to welcome all of the new Thai,Hmong,Viets,and Cambos last week! They all are a bunch of firecrackers! They are way crazy, so I am glad that I don't have to coral them together at night! The week has been accelerating  It looks like you all are having so much fun at home, just so you know I leave July first and it is a 24 hour flight because we completely skip a day and arrive July third! Yeah!! I'm so excited!

We got interviewed yesterday by the Salt Lake Tribune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so look for an article about the Provo mtc and missionaries, you may see a picture of me in there! so yeah! I do not know when it will be released but it was our district alone that got interviewed! OOOHHHHH YEEEEEAAAAHHH!!!!  I am forgetting how to sing some of my favorite Relient k songs, its kinda sad, and all the pop songs I remember I have started to change them into MTC style stuff!!! Like Call me maybe we changed to write me on pday! ' Hey I just met you, sister this is crazy so here's my email so write me p-day!" Yeah another song we have changed is Story of a girl. It goes along the lines of  " This is the story of a girl whose testimony changed the world, I knew when she felt the spirit when she cried!"\

I love you so much
Elder Proctor ( Muffasa) ( Slugworth) (ATP)

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