Monday, July 14, 2014

Over 1000 baptisms for the mission! July 6

Well, we had 90 people attending church today, before we only had 60. The work is progressing very fast! We have hit over 1000 baptisms for the mission. We are at like 1050, at the half way point in this year. It's awesome! Our ward building was built by the church 7 years ago. I will take a pic this week and show how big it is! 
The kid that got baptized today, his name is J. He was a person that we "snagged" off the street. We invited him to "Sports Day" and then we started teaching him.It was awesome seeing the change of heart he had. When we first meet him he was wearing a very big amulet. Next time we saw him, he had stopped wearing it and he was already repenting.
You can always see the great and mighty change that people have. He was a prepared "vessel". We did the teaching. The the spirit did the testifying. Heaven.y Father gave the knowledge. And now he has been baptized! It is way awesome!  
Our branch president was the first stake president in Thailand. He is a champion! 
We have 6 Elders in one house. We all sleep on the floor on matresses. 
I really like my companion. He is way funny! All of us Elders go out inviting people. Sometimes people think we are CIA hahahahah. 
So our friend Kenny ran into him and took some pictures. Including what we used to call "Street Contacting" now called "inviting"- inviting people to come unto Christ!
Missionaries walk and walk and walk.....

Meeting up with Kenny

At the Church


Teaching an English Class

Inviting people to come unto Christ

The Life of a Missionary is GRAND!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Bangkhae June 30

Well lets see.... I have moved to an area called Bangkhae. I am in the city still. Bangkok could be its own country, it is so big. Yeah it's kinda a big deal! So in the Bangkapbi ward, there are only 2 elders and 2 sisters now. I am in the Bangkok West District(the newly formed District.) President Senior has great plans for this area. He wants it to become a stake. Five branches have to be "ward" ready in order for that to happen.  There are 6 elders in our area and 2 sisters.  My companion and I have opened a new area within an area.  It is crazy! President Senior wants us to make this area ward ready before to long.  So we are going to be pushing ourselves to the limit all day, every day. The goal this week is having four people being baptized. We are going to make this happen! At the moment we have four investigators from before I got transferred here. I am not in the same stake anymore. I am in a different zone. It was tough to leave that area... but it was what the Lord has seen fit for me to do. It is going to be an adventure of odd proportions!
Well transfer meeting was fun. We got an inspiring message of just keep doing the Lord's work and helping the work grow in Thailand!
My companion's name is Elder Kandun กันดุล . He is awesome. He is from Udorn , Thailand. It's pretty awesome. He has been on his mission for eight months. All the Elders from the district are living in the same house. It is way fun! It is a way nice house. I knew one person. He was in the group that came after me.There  are 2 "greenies" (new missionaries) in this area as well. It's crazy!
Mum you are funny! Yes I am obedient . If not, what would I be doing here as a missionary! NOBODIES PERFECT..... I GOT WORK IT!(a song reference)
Bad days come but in the end I can only remember the good times I have had as a missionary.
Kenny ran into Aaron at the Transfer Meeting....gave him so real American candy!

Aaron and his new companion and good friend Kenny


ลาก่อน Bangkapi- unexpected transfer

It came as a huge surprise to all of us, the ward and the missionaries that 5 of the 6 elders would be transferred and one of the sisters as well. They would be replaced by only one elder and one sister. Although Aaron was only in Bangkapi for 9 weeks, the ward had such an impact on him and on us. Aaron made some wonderful friends there. We will miss the weekly pictures of our missionary. The members took so many of them. Now we once again have to rely on Aaron for them........ So thank you so so much Bangkapi ward!

All about food....... June 22

Well I am happy that you guys are out adventuring and having a fun time .Make sure that you don't like get stressed about the small and simple things! Have a fun time ya hear! (We were spending the weekend at Capitol Reef)

Hey, so just so you know I may be finishing my mission 2 weeks early- in April... it's possible...(we since have gotten official word that indeed he will be coming home in April instead of the beginning of May..... :-) )
I miss lemonade. There is no lemonade here in Thailand .......I miss delicious Swiss food and August 1st  is coming soon! (Swiss National Holiday! We always celebrate our heritage with Bratwurst and a lantern parade)
YEAH food is delicious ......steak I miss steak. It's a missing food kinda day! I did eat a soup with pigs blood though........
Well that is a a true story there....... this past week was just draining. We really don't know why. It's a little odd! But we had a way spiritual lesson with the catholic lady. It was hard core literally- the spirit made the room "burn". AAAAHHHHHH spirit teaching is awesome! 
Well, having the church meetings moved to another building,  actually did not hurt us as much as I thought it would! There were 109 people at church. It's pretty awesome that we had that many people come.  We will see what happen next because เราเป็นบางกะปี (We are Bangkapi- google translate....)Yeah it's kinda a big deal !
It's a hard thing being a white person some days, but we carry on carry on! 
Well we really don't have anyone to teach, except someone who has to get married before she can get baptized.... yep the same problem we had in the GUMPS AHAZHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!

We got rained on pretty hard.....

Having a Great Time at Stake Conference!



A new Stake and a new District! June 16


(Thanks to Facebook, we first found out about a special Stake-District conference. There was a Bangkok Stake and a North Bangkok District- Districts  contain mostly branches and units and maybe a few wards. In order for a District to become a Stake the branches have to have enough members to become a ward. This is something the missionaries have been working for. The Bangkok North District was turned into a Stake. In addition a new District- Bangkok West District, was formed. Elder Wu, Elder and Sister Wilson, and Elder and Sister Gong- Area Presidency were in attendance. Aaron mentioned that the microphones were not working very well- which made hearing what was said really hard.) 

They just made some branches into wards. Me thinks there will be some new branches opened up be the end of this transfer.

Well this week, we will not really be able to use the church because it is being remodeled for about 2 months. I see it taking about 3 months! The ac units in it failed and the building is 20 years old so they are fixing stuff up YAY!  It may be hard on our investigators, because we tell them," Hey, come here on Sunday at this time. And then we will leave from there at about eleven thirty and then we will take a bus to this other church building, a hour or so away...." YAY! 

The Lord knows each one of us individually and will do all he can for us! Well at zone conference Pres Senior let it slip there will be 2 stakes!But we thought nothing of it! 
We also learned that the gospel cannot be stopped. Good always wins no matter how dark it looks!

We have a new investigator.  She is a part member her whole family are members and she is not.

Every day I wake up and  do Convict Conditioning (it is a work-out program that was "invented by a convict...naturally....), shower, eat breakfast, study, go eat lunch invite... is this too "nitty gritty"?

Daily I  avoid motorcycles that drive on the sidewalk. It's quite exciting like  dancing with the wolves!We will be moving out  in about 15 days. So, we are excited for that.

We daily punch devils in the face, slay dragons and fight tiger fish men! :-)


Here are a couple of pictures of a water taxi system. Aaron likes to use it because it takes you places fast. The rides are on an open sewer system..... He assures us that it has been cleaned up a bit. The tarp; however, is there to keep the .....well you can guess it...out of the boat......