Thursday, July 3, 2014

Bangkhae June 30

Well lets see.... I have moved to an area called Bangkhae. I am in the city still. Bangkok could be its own country, it is so big. Yeah it's kinda a big deal! So in the Bangkapbi ward, there are only 2 elders and 2 sisters now. I am in the Bangkok West District(the newly formed District.) President Senior has great plans for this area. He wants it to become a stake. Five branches have to be "ward" ready in order for that to happen.  There are 6 elders in our area and 2 sisters.  My companion and I have opened a new area within an area.  It is crazy! President Senior wants us to make this area ward ready before to long.  So we are going to be pushing ourselves to the limit all day, every day. The goal this week is having four people being baptized. We are going to make this happen! At the moment we have four investigators from before I got transferred here. I am not in the same stake anymore. I am in a different zone. It was tough to leave that area... but it was what the Lord has seen fit for me to do. It is going to be an adventure of odd proportions!
Well transfer meeting was fun. We got an inspiring message of just keep doing the Lord's work and helping the work grow in Thailand!
My companion's name is Elder Kandun กันดุล . He is awesome. He is from Udorn , Thailand. It's pretty awesome. He has been on his mission for eight months. All the Elders from the district are living in the same house. It is way fun! It is a way nice house. I knew one person. He was in the group that came after me.There  are 2 "greenies" (new missionaries) in this area as well. It's crazy!
Mum you are funny! Yes I am obedient . If not, what would I be doing here as a missionary! NOBODIES PERFECT..... I GOT WORK IT!(a song reference)
Bad days come but in the end I can only remember the good times I have had as a missionary.
Kenny ran into Aaron at the Transfer Meeting....gave him so real American candy!

Aaron and his new companion and good friend Kenny


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