Monday, July 14, 2014

Over 1000 baptisms for the mission! July 6

Well, we had 90 people attending church today, before we only had 60. The work is progressing very fast! We have hit over 1000 baptisms for the mission. We are at like 1050, at the half way point in this year. It's awesome! Our ward building was built by the church 7 years ago. I will take a pic this week and show how big it is! 
The kid that got baptized today, his name is J. He was a person that we "snagged" off the street. We invited him to "Sports Day" and then we started teaching him.It was awesome seeing the change of heart he had. When we first meet him he was wearing a very big amulet. Next time we saw him, he had stopped wearing it and he was already repenting.
You can always see the great and mighty change that people have. He was a prepared "vessel". We did the teaching. The the spirit did the testifying. Heaven.y Father gave the knowledge. And now he has been baptized! It is way awesome!  
Our branch president was the first stake president in Thailand. He is a champion! 
We have 6 Elders in one house. We all sleep on the floor on matresses. 
I really like my companion. He is way funny! All of us Elders go out inviting people. Sometimes people think we are CIA hahahahah. 
So our friend Kenny ran into him and took some pictures. Including what we used to call "Street Contacting" now called "inviting"- inviting people to come unto Christ!
Missionaries walk and walk and walk.....

Meeting up with Kenny

At the Church


Teaching an English Class

Inviting people to come unto Christ

The Life of a Missionary is GRAND!

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