Thursday, July 3, 2014

A new Stake and a new District! June 16


(Thanks to Facebook, we first found out about a special Stake-District conference. There was a Bangkok Stake and a North Bangkok District- Districts  contain mostly branches and units and maybe a few wards. In order for a District to become a Stake the branches have to have enough members to become a ward. This is something the missionaries have been working for. The Bangkok North District was turned into a Stake. In addition a new District- Bangkok West District, was formed. Elder Wu, Elder and Sister Wilson, and Elder and Sister Gong- Area Presidency were in attendance. Aaron mentioned that the microphones were not working very well- which made hearing what was said really hard.) 

They just made some branches into wards. Me thinks there will be some new branches opened up be the end of this transfer.

Well this week, we will not really be able to use the church because it is being remodeled for about 2 months. I see it taking about 3 months! The ac units in it failed and the building is 20 years old so they are fixing stuff up YAY!  It may be hard on our investigators, because we tell them," Hey, come here on Sunday at this time. And then we will leave from there at about eleven thirty and then we will take a bus to this other church building, a hour or so away...." YAY! 

The Lord knows each one of us individually and will do all he can for us! Well at zone conference Pres Senior let it slip there will be 2 stakes!But we thought nothing of it! 
We also learned that the gospel cannot be stopped. Good always wins no matter how dark it looks!

We have a new investigator.  She is a part member her whole family are members and she is not.

Every day I wake up and  do Convict Conditioning (it is a work-out program that was "invented by a convict...naturally....), shower, eat breakfast, study, go eat lunch invite... is this too "nitty gritty"?

Daily I  avoid motorcycles that drive on the sidewalk. It's quite exciting like  dancing with the wolves!We will be moving out  in about 15 days. So, we are excited for that.

We daily punch devils in the face, slay dragons and fight tiger fish men! :-)


Here are a couple of pictures of a water taxi system. Aaron likes to use it because it takes you places fast. The rides are on an open sewer system..... He assures us that it has been cleaned up a bit. The tarp; however, is there to keep the .....well you can guess it...out of the boat......


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