Thursday, July 3, 2014

All about food....... June 22

Well I am happy that you guys are out adventuring and having a fun time .Make sure that you don't like get stressed about the small and simple things! Have a fun time ya hear! (We were spending the weekend at Capitol Reef)

Hey, so just so you know I may be finishing my mission 2 weeks early- in April... it's possible...(we since have gotten official word that indeed he will be coming home in April instead of the beginning of May..... :-) )
I miss lemonade. There is no lemonade here in Thailand .......I miss delicious Swiss food and August 1st  is coming soon! (Swiss National Holiday! We always celebrate our heritage with Bratwurst and a lantern parade)
YEAH food is delicious ......steak I miss steak. It's a missing food kinda day! I did eat a soup with pigs blood though........
Well that is a a true story there....... this past week was just draining. We really don't know why. It's a little odd! But we had a way spiritual lesson with the catholic lady. It was hard core literally- the spirit made the room "burn". AAAAHHHHHH spirit teaching is awesome! 
Well, having the church meetings moved to another building,  actually did not hurt us as much as I thought it would! There were 109 people at church. It's pretty awesome that we had that many people come.  We will see what happen next because เราเป็นบางกะปี (We are Bangkapi- google translate....)Yeah it's kinda a big deal !
It's a hard thing being a white person some days, but we carry on carry on! 
Well we really don't have anyone to teach, except someone who has to get married before she can get baptized.... yep the same problem we had in the GUMPS AHAZHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!

We got rained on pretty hard.....

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