Monday, December 30, 2013

New Companion

Elder Aaron has a new companion. He briefly saw him on skype. He seems like a great young man.
My comp is the only member in his family yeah he is awesome!! He is the "bees knees"(?) Yep! His name is Elder  Rakmak (รักมาก). He is from the northern part of Thailand! He is kinda awesome!(I love to hear that!)

Yesterday I ate basically everything in a Chicken..... The chicken hearts here are better then the ones at Rodizio! I eat lots of crazy things here.I think I ate some of the chicken's throat yesterday as well! Yeah, it was way crazy!!It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. I am a bit apprehensive for tomorrow because everyone here has been partying hard all night long- in preparation for New Year's Eve..... yeah its exciting! haha,! This really is an adventure of a life time! One I will never forget!

And ......... Aaron doing service, helping a member whose husband collects and resells garbage.

Christmas Ward Activity

 This was our Christmas activity.We went to a hospital and served some people. Then we went         back to the church and played games and had a little devotional.(A little editorial...not everyone standing in front of the church- the kids- are members.- They came for the ice-cream and festivities!- What a great gospel sharing idea!)                                                                                                                          

Elder Smile, Superman, and Angel are ALL the same person!

In Thailand it is common to give nicknames. In fact, Elder Aaron often does not know who I talk about when I tell him what is happening with my new Facebook friends in Thailand. That is because he often only knows them by their nickname. When he was in Kohn Kaen he was called Harry Potter- because Proctor was hard to say. He was also called Superman, because his hair curls funny. Some nicknames may be permanent while other are just for a little while. Aaron told us that he is called Elder Smile (because he smiles a lot)- still Superman- and yesterday Elder Angel because he was dressed all in white.

Pictures Posted by Kenny! Thank you! ~ Feeling old......really????


Right now I'm wondering how the video games these kids play are that fun-- because basically they are just sitting there on a computer, clicking a mouse and shouting at each other!! It's pretty funny! I'm not sure I will play video games as much as I used to because time is precious!!! (Ah, but just you wait till you see the fun new games that have come out since you have left...just saying..... love, mom...)Shoot, I'm starting to sound like one of them old crazy persons, shaking his fist at them young kids playing their music too loud.... It's crazy to think I'm a missionary because well I feel like I am still a child. I have changed. I look older. Everyone looks at the pictures of me before I left and they are like you are so old looking now!! A few weeks ago I had a person tell me that they thought that I  was 40 years old!!!!

 ( do act and look like a totally old and mature person....., mom!)