Monday, December 9, 2013

December 1st...7 months "anniversary"

Well.... this week went by in a hurry not much really exciting hapened.................... EXCEPT THE MISSION IS ON FIRE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! It is truly a amazing experience to be a misionary in Thailand at the moment. There is so much going on, it's truly exciting. We were told that we have a potential of having some more stakes is Bangkok soon. It's very exciting because we need like 3-5 stakes to get a temple and if we had another stake we would have 2 stakes! It is super exciting!!!! AHHHAHAHA I love being a missionary. It is one of the best things that I could be doing... 
Hey guess what!!!  1 year ago this week I got  my mission call! It's way crazy!! You have no idea! It's been a year, since I received the call to serve......where has that time gone? Obviously the Lord was preparing me for way exciting things!! SO last week on the 27th we had our area seventy come and talk to us. It was very inspirational. President Senior called us out and said to the effect of "When I first gave the challenge for every companionship to get a baptism, you thought it was not possible... Have you faith now?"  Needless to say I was a little embarassed.  But my faith has improved 
I know through the Lord anything can be achieved. It takes faith. With faith you can do anything!! That i know to be true! I realized a couple weeks ago that Khumwapbi was the turning point in my mission. I can either shun the fight and be mediocre and work halfheartedly or I can charge into the fight with the Lords banner waving with the cry Emmanuel on my lips and the Lords name in my heart at all times!  Yeah I' m a little excited because it is a very exciting time in the mission. It is a blessing to be here at this time!

Lots of love Elder Proctor of the Lion Tribe ;D
We had a Thanksgiving lunch for our mission tour. (That is when the mission president and area seventy toured the mission- Aaron is about 6 hours away from the mission home at the moment)Needless to say there were cranberries and turkey and ham and red Fanta, green Fanta , orange Fanta......needless to say I was very happy to have a thanksgiving meal with missionaries from Khon kaen and all of the districts from Udorn zone. It was awesome. I got to hear from the elders how all my Recent Converts are doing and hear of a baptisim from one of our investigator that I never thought would get baptized. It was awesome!! It was awesome week with us just inviting everyone to be baptized. It was a very fun week! 
Those monkeys will try to steal everything that looks edible from you yeah, all you have to do is stand your ground and stomp your foot at them. Then the monkeys will run away from you so fast yeah.(We met a waitress who is from Khon Kaen a t one of the Thai restaurants we frequent, she had been to the park where Aaron now serves. She told us that the monkeys especially like to drink some red juice...small world...)
YAY Christmas!!! yes I get to skype you on Christmas. I will let you know more details as they approach. 
 President Senior told everyone to get a 72 hour kit of food and water in case who knows what! 
There have been protests in Thailand for the last couple of weeks. Initially, they were peaceful and then turned violent a week ago.Since then parliament has been dissolved and new elections will be held in February. Aaron has been far enough from the turmoil, which was mostly centered around Bangkok. 

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