Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry Christmas to Us All!

We had a chance to skype with our missionary on Christmas Eve. Thailand is 14 hours ahead of us, making it Christmas Day in Thailand. He had told us the approximate time he would be calling. Those 10 minutes until he actually called seemed to go on forever! The connection was dismal at times- but we got a couple of good minutes with him. We love him so very much! He did not get transferred. But will not stay in Kumphwapi until the next transfer. His companion who is Thai will "die" in this area ( or go home..... in non- mission talk...). So, Aaron will be there for a little while and then be transferred. He has had many companions that were close to going home. There must be something that he is supposed to learn from that. :-) Anyway, he is happy- missed home a bit on the 24th since the place he is at really did not have much decorations or anything, that you might find in a bigger city. According to Aaron there are about 9000 people that live in his area and he now is the only "white youngster" that is left there. He told us about the scary geckos that bite and won't let go, snakes, and being chased by monkeys. Quite the adventurous life! It was so, so good to see him. He is so happy to be on a mission. He reaches 8 months next week and feels that time is going by way too fast. I want time to slow down for him and keep up the pace for us. :-) Obedience is important to him and us- and so, although he was allowed 2 hours on the computer, he knew only 1 hour of that was supposed to be used on skype and so with a smile we said good-bye. I thought for sure we would be crying- but we did not. We are so blessed with the knowledge that he loves his mission. We were happy to see him, what a privilege! Technology is such a blessing in our lives. So grateful to see and hear him.

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