Monday, December 9, 2013

You never know how you are going to influence someone....

November 24
Benjamin is coming home soon!!!!!!!!!!!! Time sure does fly! It's crazy !! I remember sitting at home thinking well shoot!! by time he comes home i will be on my mission eight months!!!!!!!!!  WHAAAAAAAAAAA time flies! Well this week the way I grew was well in the words of Bane from Batman "I wondered what would break first your spirit or your body?" That's what Satan sent at us this week. But you know what? I did not break. My spirit is strong, my body is not broken he lost! We lost all of our investigators at the beginning of the week. We had nothing. We were at a loss, but we got back on our feet and went out and searched for new investigators. By the end of the week (Saturday and Sunday) we had received three more investigators. The Lord blesses us when we are diligent! 
We have about thirty members in the branch. The success and my struggles this week..... well it was to actually getting people to listen to what I have to say. It makes me a little sad sometimes, you know... not really anything for you to fast for,  just keep the mission in your prayers!! Yeah we as a mission have 98 baptisms this month good things are happening we are doing work!!
mum I love you!  Keep to the faith fight through trials, take them with a attitude of AWESOMENESS!!!! 
Our branch pres has had a boy born into his family his name is Mormon! He is cute!! And yeah here's me just being a champ on the back of a truck, and me catching geckos
Elder Proctor of the LIONS!

 German is getting harder and harder to remember yeah it sucks! Yeah life is fantastic its just been a super awesomely fun week!! Just went to town and did a lot of work.  Just worked our tails off so we could have blessings!

I have learned not to judge people. It is very interesting to be here.  You never judge anyone, even if they are drunk or high.  You have to see them as a child of God!! Always be on your guard, people know who you are and are always watching! I don't remember the things I said that day but do remember the spirit I felt that day.  It was amazing! (This is in reference to a super sweet email Aaron received. It was from a young lady he went to seminary with. She told him how she had been positively influenced by his testimony while she went through some rough times. She talked about his tesitmony of missions and how he helped her to decide to serve one herself. It was the sweetest message and a sure testimony that you never know when you are influecing someone for the better!
 Well in Thailand its dark at six and light six.  I love you pops!!! This week we had 0 success in lessons with members, but we were blessed with other blessings like new investigators .It was pretty tough, but whatever! I caught some geckos. If you aren't careful they will bite your fingers off!! yeah  Remember those truck things I told you about..... yeah here's me chilling on the back of one! 
Well, now that I know about the gecko's bite... I wonder...why in the world are you holding one?????? love, Mom!!!!

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