Monday, December 23, 2013

December 8th

Well my week was just a lot of walking around, inviting people to get baptized and forsake their sins and come back to the fold of Christ! Yeah, it's really fun walking up and down the streets. The people that work at the 7-11 know us pretty well, because we are just standing in front of it like 4+ hours a day inviting people to be baptized.  7-11 is HUGE here you would ot believe the amount of delicious food you can buy from there, it's crazy!  Well the unrest has not hit us here yet  (This is in regards to the protests that have been going on in Thailand)
I wore a yellow tie and that was the most exciting thing that happened that day! We ate food and talked about the King and how good he is!(This is in regards to the King's birthday). Transfers are next week. I'm not sure if I am staying or if I am going. I will go where the Lord wants me to go. If it's here cool.... if it's somewhere else cool. If i get eaten by the earth not so cool! 
Isn't it odd that they are coming home??? (Some of his really good friends are coming home from their missions) It's been a year since I opened my call. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh time flies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Mum if  I complain it's because I have been doing something wrong. (On the record....he hardly ever complains. The biggest complaint he has is the hard bed he sleeps on...) Sure there are hard days.....In fact there are a lot, but you know what .... the Lord knows I can handle them or else he would not send them my way!! I have struggles but honestly I cannot remember them.  Mainly, because they are enveloped in the good times!! I just think of all the potential these people have and think of them at the judgement bar. What if I was not brave enough to talk to them or thought they are just some slob who can never change. I am in dire danger of being burned with embarrassment! Yesterday we had an interesting lesson. A lady came from 30 kilometers away and asked God to take her to his church, which was BAM our church! Needless to say we taught her about the restoration.  I have never heard so many amens in a single lesson. She stopped and prayed and cried unto God..... it was  a little odd.


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