Monday, December 23, 2013

December 15 The week was awesome!

This week was one hundred percent awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We just did work- it was one hundered percent petal to the medal!!!!! Well, my testimony and my faith have grown by seeing all of our investigators come closer unto Christ and to see the change! I am happy when I work my hardest and see the gospel change the lives of those around me. It is an amazing experience!!!!! At the rate our area is growing, we will be building a new building in the next 6 months!!!!!!!!! Awesomely awesome!! 
Our goals are to get a baptism this month and 2 next month. And they will happen! A moment of pride....... but Thailand is leading the South Asia area in baptisms!!!!!!!!! 110 baptisms in November.... yes, AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The stone is rolling, there's no going back!!! It's so weird that Ben is coming home!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It feels like he just left. Two years is not enough time to get the job done! Will I ever be afraid to share the gospel with anyone ever again!! 
Well, transfers is in two days... I'm not sure whats going down! 
Our branch is going to go and do service at a hospital for our Christmas activity. It's way awesome!!!
The work will press forward!I saw a meteor in the sky, it was way awesome!

I will be able to call you on Skype for an hour! on the 25 (24th for you) yep! ITS exciting! Just think after this will be Mothers Then Christmas again and BAM im home! NOT enough time to be a missionary not enough time!!

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