Monday, December 30, 2013

New Companion

Elder Aaron has a new companion. He briefly saw him on skype. He seems like a great young man.
My comp is the only member in his family yeah he is awesome!! He is the "bees knees"(?) Yep! His name is Elder  Rakmak (รักมาก). He is from the northern part of Thailand! He is kinda awesome!(I love to hear that!)

Yesterday I ate basically everything in a Chicken..... The chicken hearts here are better then the ones at Rodizio! I eat lots of crazy things here.I think I ate some of the chicken's throat yesterday as well! Yeah, it was way crazy!!It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. I am a bit apprehensive for tomorrow because everyone here has been partying hard all night long- in preparation for New Year's Eve..... yeah its exciting! haha,! This really is an adventure of a life time! One I will never forget!

And ......... Aaron doing service, helping a member whose husband collects and resells garbage.

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