Monday, January 20, 2014

New Year's (Letter from January 5th)

Well this week was crazy.....
Yesterday J. (newly baptized member) taught an investigator with us- like a champion. He is way awesome. He is .....words can't explain...... he has been a member 2 days and is a champion!!!
Well,  New Year's was terrifying, running away from the man who are dressed as a woman, who was drunk... A lot of people were drunk and when midnight rolled around it sounded  like a war zone outside. There were a lot of explosions and reveling in drunkenness! It was a little scary for about 3 days because everyone was HAMMERED!! Yeah, the party here doesn't end when the sun rises the liquor flows like sunlight here!! We just ate steak and slept that was about it!! I love Thai food. I have been learning recipes so I should be able to cook Thai food when I come home don’t worry I will cook it best!! Well in April there is a holiday that basically is a giant water fight for 3 days straight!!! It’s going to be the best!! Its called Songkran it’s going to be the best!!!! I look forward to it!
 Ha aha yeah it was a little scary inviting because everyone one wanted a piece of me! oh well I prayed a lot and overcame a lot yeah! Shhooot time is flying!!(This comment is in regards to another one of his friends coming home from his mission. Soon everyone will be home! Sorry I honestly don't know what to write because this week everyone was drunk.  Ohh yeeah my bike is busted.  The gears rendered asunder.
Yep, it was a tough week. The lord was testing my faith and  seeing if I break and what not but I refuse to break!!! So this past week I have been walking every where!

Elder Aaron also did service that week. This picture was posted by his branch president in Kumphwapati.

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