Monday, January 20, 2014

It is not always easy....but my life is good!

(It has not been an easy couple of weeks in Kumphs....)  Joseph Smith said," I was born to swim in deep waters". That is how I feel right now.  But the Lord blesses those who are doing all they can to get baptisms. Sure we are hitting opposition, but that is how the cycle is for a missionary.  When you are doing good, Satan trys to stop you in you tracks and make run for cover. But you know what..... this boy ain't running. He is going to rush at that man waving the standard of Christ above his head.... shouting repent and be baptized for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand! 
Yeah! Nothing can stop us we are meant to get 200 baptisms this month and it will and can be done! No matter the opposition we run into.  WE WILL NOT BE MOVED WE ARE THE SERVANTS OF THE LORD OUR POWER IS GREATER THAN THAT ANYTHING SATAN HAS GOT!!  We are at war with satan and are showing him who is boss.... because we HAD ANOTHER BAPTISM!
That's my little motivational speech of the day.... iI hope it inspires you to do good in your life!
This week was crazy we did loads of stuff. Basically, we invited all day long. We were like apostles of old inviting them to be baptized and repent.
On a funny note.... I told a member that she had to give a talk on Satan. What I meant to say was on faith.... Satan and faith sound very close Thai.... 
Sister H. was baptized today. Her name means Phoenix....very symbolic...rebirth...

While walking in the area I found this Buddha- in the middle of nowhere. I was surprised and quite startled! Neat!

My life is good. I am still alive. I' m still helping everyone grow here.  It's a fight but it is a good fight!

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