Monday, January 20, 2014

Elder Proctor...the official SLINGSHOT master

I am fine. Just loving life after a hard week that left me a little weak emotionally and spiritually. My couarge level was low- but then Elder Cahoon and Elder Wilcox came and gave us a SPIRTUAL BLAST OF AWESOMENESS!!  We went and invited all day long and talked to over 200 people. I talked to over 40 people and invited them to be baptized. It was awesome! After that we went and invited on Sunday as well.It was such a blast! I basically just go up and talked to everyone. I check if they are on the phone or if they are eating then  I go invite them to repent and be baptized as apostles of old.
I  have had dogs chase me and monkeys chase me..... so I bought a sling shot to protect myself from them. It's exciting!!
We are going to have a baptism on Sunday. Keep her in your prayers. Her name is H. She is a little afraid of getting baptized, but its ok because aren't we all a little afraid when we are going to do something that changes our life!!!
I  love it here!!Yeah in a year I will be getting ready to die as a missionary!!

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