Sunday, February 2, 2014

Dogs and Wild Boars......oh my! ~ January 26

This week has come and gone it was really tough week of roughing it in the outback as Brian would say. An exciting moment of the week was when a dog attacked my foot! Yeah buddy it was probably one of the most exciting things that has ever happened to me yet! Ah but I sense your worry rising already! All it did was put a little cut into my shoe. After that I chewed the dog out and it ran away. Back into its house, where we went and invited the family that lived there. It was pretty funny- the dog refused to come out from under the bamboo table. It was very afraid of me! The Lord protected my foot from being savaged i guess! ;-) That was the exciting part of my week! 
I also got lost in the wilderness of กุมภวาปี! It was very good, beside that Satan made both of us sick and we could not receive a return appointment with any of our investigators. They are all afraid of baptism! We have not taught a lesson in a while. I have started writing in my journal like Star Trek "Star dates" now! Just to keep things exciting and interesting!! 
I ran into a wild boar. That was very frightening! We were just walking back home and we saw this black thing next to our house starring at us. As we got closer we realized that  it is a WILD BOAR! Elder Rakmak proceeded to pull out his taser and I pulled out my slingshot. Then I realized that if I use my slingshot all I would do is to make it angry. So. I put it away. Then I took Elder Rakmak's taser, walked a little closer, turned it on and got ready to fight a boar! It proceeded to hide back in the forest.  Yay for awesome adventures in the wilderness of Thailand!! 
I finally fixed my bike as well! It is finally ride-able again!!Yesterday I was chastised through Mormon's messages and what not that I need to have patience with myself and with everyone else as well. This week we honestly felt like Alma in Ammonihah . No one wanted to hear what we had to say anymore . It's a little tough, needless to say the past two weeks have been hard. I have started to complain a little. I really want this place to grow but I seem to be hitting a dead end with every path I take .
We have a dog now! He is a stray that follows us wherever we go.
We have had people run away from us because they don't want to here about the gospel that's always fun!! I just have to work and see what is going to happen!! I will keep rocking it!!! 


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