Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February- Myanmar is open for missionary work!

Well as you have heard, I am still in KHUMPS.... but fear not for I shall be here for only a short stay. I have received confirmation that I am leaving in 3 weeks, no doubt about it!! Really, I am ok with staying. I have to show the world this area can grow! (The area really has grown over the past weeks.)

Yeah, so this past transfer an amazing thing happened..... BURMA(Myanmar) IS OPEN. We have people in Burma the whole area is open. The church is translating the Book of Mormon into Burmese right now. THE WORK IS HASTENING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(So, here is the cool fact about this Myanmar situation.... earlier in Aaron's mission, the church started having English classes in Myanmar. There were some problems and the program was shut down. So this is truly a huge step forward. Up until this point, mostly senior missionaries had served in Myanmar. Having Elders there is a miracle!)Our whole mission is now open. Another cool tidbit..... Aaron's mission included Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. Since he got there. Laos and now Myanmar have opened to missionary work. It is so very exciting!!!)  Oh yeah and President Senior is in Hong-Kong  right now. Something is "abrewing"! I went to Bangkok and what not. It was jolly good fun to see friends and what not!

Missionaries in the states, they just need to walk around and ask people to be baptized! It is simple.... because when you overcomplicate the gospel, nothing gets done!! Yeah so really this whole week was about transfers. Sorry not much more exciting than this!

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