Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Elder Narin Rakmak Returned With Honor.....and left Aaron behind...5555555

Elder Aaron Proctor has had such fantastic companions. It started in the MTC and has continued through his mission. Each of those companions has helped him grow and become the missionary and person he is. Some of his companions have returned home. In fact three of them have, the most recent- Elder Rakmak. 
 Elder Rakmak finished his mission a week ago (February 19). He was Aaron's first Thai companion and they connected in such an awesome way. I remember talking to Aaron on Christmas Day how Christmas Eve had been for him and he told me that the two of them had been kinda down. They had worked all day without any success and the Christmas spirit seemed to be missing. However, the two of them managed to turn the day around, sipping hot cocoa in cool 60 degree weather.

At times, more often than not, Kuhmpawapi can be a really tough area to work in. The missionaries are well known and are, as always, easily recognized. Often they are not welcome and meeting new people can be hard. Those two elders have worked hard and have made an impact. 

They encountered much wild life and kept fun alive. I remember one time asking Aaron if. "Having a brother in arms" helped make the rough life easier. He empathetical agreed. Telling me how grateful he was for his wonderful companion. 

When Elder Rakmak left, I sensed some sadness and it felt that Aaron was pretty much ready to move on as well. I though it might be hard for him getting a new companion in an area where he had made a best friend. He stayed on and I think that was not too, too easy for him. 

Since returning home. Elder Rakmak has started to communicate with us. In fact, we are working on getting a skype connection going where we can teach each other, our respective languages. He misses Aaron terrible, just as Aaron misses him. I think they have established eternal bonds. Elder Rakmak has sent us a couple of pictures of Aaron that are posted below. 

Thank you Elder Rakmak! We are glad you are Aaron's friend!


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