Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February 16 - Do you want to get baptized in 30 minutes?

Twas a mad week of pure madness of people running around and running away from us because they don't want to hear what we have to say! It's funny..... Gravity it is always our enemy when we want it to be our friend ......It hates us always and makes us fall and get up again yeah.
Well in the end everything will be alright!!No animals tried to kill us......... I almost died a couple days ago because a dog was chasing me and I was off balance because we had a lap top. I almost got hit  by a motorcycle- needless to say I was cross. (Note....he had just told me that he had not been killed by an animal....sigh!) 
Well I  will know if I get transferred, tonight...... "Tonight,  tonight there's a party on the rooftop of the world!" It should be exciting!  All is well that ends well right??Either way, I will go to Bangkok with my companion on Wednesday.

Well, in some rather exciting news....... we had a baptism this weekend. It kinda came as a surprise. Our investigator was interviewing on Saturday and it wasn't going good. The computer stopped working, she had a head ache because she was quitting coffee cold turkey. We were like ok come back tomorrow and we will get you interviewed. She came and was interviewed in the second hour of church. Satan did everything in his power stop it from happening. There were problems with the computer.  Heck, even the power went out at the church! But through faith and prayers the interview was accomplished. She then had to have another interview because of something and she passed as well!! Then our District leader and Zone leader called at separate times to see if she was going to be baptized on Sunday. We looked at her and said ,"hey do you want to be baptized in like 30 minutes?" She said yeah!!! So we rushed around filing the fount and getting the clothes and speakers ready and what not/ Then she GOT BAPTIZED!!!! It was pure madness!! Super fun!

Let's see tender mercies of the week.... Well all I honestly can remember about this week, is the baptism, because it was a tough week .This baptism was possible because a lot of help from this side and from across the veil because well she was not positive if she wanted baptism any more!

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