Monday, February 24, 2014

February 9- a stray dog named Joe

Elder Aaron loves animals...but especially dogs. He has one named Harley here at home. For the last couple of weeks, if not more, he has talked about a stray dog that has been following them around- they decided to name him Joe. Joe has been a great source of comfort for Aaron. The dog has shown him affection when it was most needed. 
WAT DI Mumzy
Well it sounds like in the worst case scenario we are safe because well we can make impure water clean!!  Aaron is referring to his brother's science fair project that is a water filtration system. The project moved unto District level)Sounds like a spiritual lesson ......YOU NEED TO HAVE FAITH  and persist and have patience because in the end you become clean and pure and what not.

Speaking of naps......I WANT TO TAKE ONE TODAY, because.... well I woke up at 5:30 to go see the red flowers-sad thing was, well we got lost a few times and by the time we got there we were super tired. We had ridden our bikes for 10 kilometers- and when we got there we did not have enough money to go and actually go see  the lake..... then we biked 7 kilometers home again.. yay Morale of the story..... ask people!

Well this week was a killer because well we are hitting the wall with opposition but Elder Wilko showed us we have done the impossible here. We have made this area grow every month. It's very exciting!!! The good and the bad huh.....
Well good, this week as father will tell you is I  did not get mauled by  monkeys....
We had a random lady call us after finding a baptism card on the ground, she wants to BE BAPTIZED.

I asked him how he had seen the Lord's hand in his life that week. Here is his answer...

well I am still alive.... I have seen the Lord lift me when I get low, because well here it's easy to get low because everyone wants to shut you down and make you not work. In the end, the Lord sends something your way to pick you up, like a stray dog that wants to play after having a crushing blow of rejections back to back. The dog's name is Joe. He is awesome. He just makes you feel good when no one shows up to church. 

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