Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Cow Gone Crazy....... and a lost phone........

Many missionary mom's don't hear about their child's mishaps and adventures until he or she gets home from their mission. Well, Elder Aaron keeps me up-to-date on mishaps and adventures... and I am glad- why? Because I can see the Lord's hand in his life and how he continuously gets protected. Elder Aaron has always been the type to put others' safety before his own. Whether it is keeping children safe by going after a snake with a machete, running after a wild boar with a taser, or trying to safe the people of Kumphs from a cow that has run amok in its street...... what is a mom to do other than pray her heart out and to remind her son that there is only one of him and she needs him to get back home safe in 15 months. All I can say is.....Be still my soul! :-)

So here is this week's exciting report.....

Well this week in review ......It was a very refiners fire week.  We hit opposition out the wazoo. But all is well because...... well it is a new week - that means new opportunities to teach and preach as missionaries do!! 
Basically this week was spent in Udorn doing business and what not! Monday try to relax did not have enough money to relax! Tuesday district meeting- basically telling us that we are awesome and what not! Wednesday..... this where the fun begins!!!!! Left the phone on Tuesday at a McDonald's. Reason being is that the District president took me and Elder Rakmak there to talk with us about our area and we can do. I took the phone out and put on a seat and forgot it there. We were about 30 minutes out of Udorn when Elder Rakmak said, Hey where's the phone? Needless to say I about died when I realized I had left it in a fast food/ not fast food restaurant. Needless to say we asked someone for a phone and called the elders there. They went to go pick it up for us -we returned to get it on Wednesday, Thursday nothing much happened except that we invited all day!!! 
Then on Friday Elder Proctor figured he was a superhero..... and would go and save a cow running through the streets. It tried to kill me. It did not succeed because..... well the Holy Ghost saved me nothing happened to me. It had a rope, I grabbed the rope and started leading it and then I made a mistake, I walked in front of its face and it leaned its head down to rush me. The cow lowered its head in a attempt to gore me but luckily the spirit quickened my hands I turned around in preparation to grab its head and horns. It was about 3 inches away. It stopped and turned around and sauntered away! I was very lucky! (This is the part when I started to breath again...)
Let's see on Saturday went back to Udorn to translate for a high council man. I translated for three hours yeah it was super crazy!!!!!! Then after that was Sunday where nothing to large or scary was seen or heard except that it was a very hot day and everyone was hiding from the sun. I had a 14 year old take or try to take a sneaky pic of me it was funny! I think this is how a teenage heart throb feels. It's scary everyone tries to take pics of me super sneakily but it never works!!!! (Since his companion is Thai- there really are not any other white kids in the area at the moment- so yes, Elder Aaron stands out just a bit..)\

That was my week.... sadly no teaching happened, because well we have no investigators at the moment.... yeah we are trying to get some new ones!!

Brian his younger brother really misses him at the moment. This is how he responded- I thought it was quite sweet...
Dear Brian..... the house is not empty I am there in spirit and before you know it I will be back and we will have many grand adventures. 
Elder Aaron has been on his mission for 9 months now. Crazy how time flies! We miss him but would not want him to be anywhere else.
It is a phone booth...remember those??

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