Wednesday, March 5, 2014

It's fun being a missionary! And we have hit the 10 month mark!

Studying and learning

Riding through the "wilderness"

Fixing something....we think.....

Eating a Cane

Riding a fun contraption

Loving a puppy

We have been blessed to have kind friends in Thailand who send us pictures of our missionary. All but one of these pictures were shared with us by Narin Rakmak who is Aaron's companion who just finished his mission. 

hey mum 
i love you loads as well! you are so awesome mum! Hey did Brian's gift make it? Don't worry just one more of his I miss right?  Well that's weird Brian 12 its not real! he is still only 8 i swear he is!! That's so cool that he will be passing the sacrament soonAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Where does the time go! Elder Proctor's little brother just turned 12. That means that he will get the priesthood and be ordained a deacon.
Well this week was a week of just faith and working our tails off and praying for success. But success sometimes comes in the form you least expect it! Through all of our work we had hoped for 4 people to come to church. Well in the end no one really came. It was a tough cookie to bite, but while we were inviting, about 6 in the evening, we got a call from our Branch President. He told us Brother C. was back! He had been gone for a month and BAM -he is back! It's so exciting. Sad thing is, I wont see him again because I will be leaving before he comes back to church. He is going to be in Udorn and what not.
I asked Aaron if he had seen the Lord's hands in his life this week....
Well, yes, yes I have! the Lord saved my leg from being chomped on by a dog. Sure he bit me, but the socks and pants saved me from actually getting hurt !!!  Well let's see -just pray that we can make this place grow and become stable again! We have hit loads of problems, but nothing we can't overcome with the Lord's help, for he wants us to have success, you know! Well, it's got to get dark before the dawn right?
I miss that kid so much its not even funny!( He is talking about Narin Rakmak- his companion that just finished his mission) I got to talk to him yesterday. It was nice to say hello to him and what not. I told him he needs to come and visit.
I would like to go some where that is fun we will see how the cards fall! I wonder where the winds will take me next! (This is in reference to his upcoming transfer).
I just do my best and let the consequence follow...... yeah it makes me happy(to be on a mission). It's fun being a missionary!! 

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