Thursday, March 27, 2014

March 9th... I smile because without smiles the world is full of frowning faces.......

During the last transfer, Elder Proctor was told that he would remain in Kumphawapi for three more weeks...He seems pretty excited about the opportunity for new adventures!
onight well i know like 100 percent am leaving
I am doing great! T'was a week of oddness and error and lasers. It was a good week..... yesterday(today for you) was super crazy because there was no Branch President at church, so we had to run the show ourselves! Elder Jensen had to preside over the meeting. I had to bless the sacrament. It was quite fun!! We were running around the church with our heads cut off like chickens sorry English is very hard to write it sucks! 
So yeah, this week was a very successful one, through obedience anything is possible!! We had 3 investigators at church which is astronomical! we also had what we called balanced which means we need to get 3 people with baptismal dates, 3 new investigators, 12 lessons (with members or RCLA lessons)  and 3 people progressing in the gospel and we achieved all of this last week! 
So, awesomest teaching moment was when we were out inviting and we got off our bikes and saw a family eating food.  We went and talked taught and ate a little bit of papaya salad and taught about baptism. They were kinda interested.  The spirit was very strong there and we taught about the way Jesus can help them over come sin! 
People we are teaching at the moment....
Ones name is ....... yeah she is awesome. She was a lady we invited to be baptized and she said yes. She cannot use her legs because polio ravaged her legs when she was younger. She is very excited to be baptized and forgiven! Her friend  came a long I don't know her name, but she wants to be baptized as well!!
Then our last dater is named ....She wants to learn about Christ and wants to be baptized because she has seen how the gospel changes you.
On a funny companion got attacked/ groped by a Old lady while inviting........
I am 85 percent sure I am leaving. Yeah, it should be good. I am going to leave and go some where big.
I  love the work and time is just sailing! It needs to slow down! I can smile because without smiles the worlds is full of frowning faces and its bad for your health!!!  I will have fun! Memories are always good, even the bad ones which we are supposed to learn from!


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