Thursday, March 27, 2014

Almost like snow..... March 23

I am doing fanfreakingtastic! It was a good week.... I mean sure all of our lessons fell through as it is normal. As missionaries,  we just go out and invite everyone who has a face and help them learn about the gospel and what not ... No baptisms this past week. This week we have a potential of 3 baptisms! It is so exciting! President Senior received revelation that I must stay here for someone or something. It's all in Gods plan that I am here, I don't know why! Well, I am still leaving my bag packed because President Senior said," See you soon", and Sister Senior said that I won't be in the Khumphwapi a lot longer. But if the Lord needs me here till the end of this transfer, that means I need to find someone and help them come unto the gospel.

Zone conference was a very fun experience. It was a good time to talk to other missionaries and see how they are doing. It was about pushing ourselves to be bigger and better then what we are. Aim higher and GO HIGHER! It was so fun! We had an activity where we jumped into the air and slapped a sticky note on a pillar. In the end we had to exceed what we had done before, it was so fun!!
Zone conference was mainly for a re-energize to get us excited for the upcoming year and helping us set higher goals and make sure that we work as a team and what not- it is jolly good fun!
We just were told to set our expectations higher and being AWESOME! 
A random exciting thing that happened is that it hailed in Thailand!!! Yeah it was awesome! It was like it was snowing here!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 

Well, I have become more courageous. I have seen what I want in my life and how an education is a very important  thing in my life. I just want to be a better help to the bishop.
I leave the 99 always because there is one needed to be found. (He is talking about the 99 sheep and the one that is lost.
I am great! I can't wait to see the world!

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