Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Falang who speaks Essan- must be a ghost....... March 30

It was a very tough week. We spent the whole time just talking to people who did not seem interested in what we had to say at all. It was tough, but I thought what would Christ do- and it helped me press on!! No baptisms..... but this week we will have baptisms!! It's going to be awesome! 
Ice skating last week was super fun! Well I did not get the memo to wear regular clothes... (This is in reference to the fact that he was wearing missionary garb while ice skating...)Yeah,  I fell. It hurt a little. I slid and looked like a boss!! I opened everything up already!(Our friend Kenny delivered the presents to him and went ice skating and got him an ice cream cake. Because packages only get delivered on transfers, we knew that Aaron may not get any presents and then Kenny stepped up to the plate and truly helped us out).... because I like eating CEREAL!!  (We sent cereal with Kenny. It is really expensive in Thailand. Yeah it was way fun to hang out with him and just do fun stuff. It was a way awesome P day!
Well lets see fun story........
I was inviting and we decided to talk to this dude in the back of a truck. He looked at us and was like a crazy old man saying that we didn't know what we were talking about. I spoke Essan with him and he flipped out and probably thought I was a ghost because that's what happens here if you are white. They think you are a ghost!! (and of course the fact that the white kid spoke a Thai dialect with him)
 Our investigator is having a money problem and she is struggling to make ends meet. We told her with faith anything is possible. We passed her by yesterday and she said she had payed off some of her debts. She is now working to pay off her debts and get married so she can get baptized this weekend. I mean that's exciting right?
Don't take a temple for granted.  We are fighting so hard to get one here. We have to push hard and Satan pushes hard. It's very hard to get one here but we will do it!!
PIANO GUYS ARE  AWESOME!! Any hymns they play I can listen to now! 

Sorry this month my emails will most likely be shorter because in 2 weeks a WATER FESTIVAL IS COMING AND WE CAN GO PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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