Thursday, April 24, 2014

Happy Thai New Year! Songkran!

Well this week has come and gone. It was a very interesting week. The whole time we were inviting and trying to get appointments for the next day. The only problem is, it's Thailand's New Year so everyone is like, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH its Songkran we are not available". So the whole week we were inviting people from Bangkok and the south-  Phuket and what not. Basically no one was interested..... but fear not..... this coming week will be even better. We will be getting people back! 
Yesterday was quite fun because Songkran had started and so everyone was throwing water on us as we were biking by and trying to get us to stop, so they could wipe icy hot stuff on our face. Needless to say, we did not stop! We had a group of girls form a wall to stop us .....we played a game of chicken. Elder  Jensen and me on bikes with them forming a wall............ we won!
They scattered liking bowling pins.  It was way funny to see. I was not going to stop and have 15 year "olds" grabbing my face. It's not what I had in mind! 

I am glad you all are having fun out in the big land of Utah! Well keep ....... in your prayers so she can get baptized and married.So some bitter news ...... did not get confirmed so she must be rebaptized. It kinda stinks- that has happened twice, but  you know what everyone has agency and they can choose to receive the Holy Ghost or not. I  know that God has a plan and that he is in control of all things and that this was meant to teach us something. I am so grateful for the Gospel Of Jesus Christ in my life!

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