Monday, April 28, 2014

Waterfights and Explosions..... April 20

Well this week was very fun! We started with the water fight. It was a toooon of fun! We were soaked the whole time. We were just spraying everything that moved. We filled an ice-cooler thing full of ice and water and just splashed the people that were around us. Needless to say they hated us when they got blasted with a ton of ice water. Then I would fill my water gun with the ice cold water and sprayed them with it. They did not like that at all.........It was a away crazy time so there was a road that we walked down we had buckets and this road was filled with cars and there were garbage cans filled with water. We would be walking down the street and just with our buckets take water out of the garbage cans and splash them, usually with ice water. Then people in the trucks would splash us with water as well. It was way fun! Then people had powder and they would come and put it on your face. It was awesome! After that it was just rainy everyday, which is weird, but it kept us safe from getting splashed with water, and then we would just get wet from the rain... but whatever.....
Then two days ago, we were at home and an EXPLOSION rocked our house. We ran out of the house after seeing a fireball erupt.... we saw..... that the transformer had blown up and fire was burning out of the the electric pole...  After awhile it burned itself out. It was a great night.... 40 degrees Celsius(104 Fahrenheit) in the house..... We were super hot. We were in a "perma" sweat. We woke and the power was still out. So, I took a shower in the baptismal font, yep in the font..... lol!
Things are going good! I am possibly leaving so we shall see......
This world is full of evil. There are 10 year olds sitting next to me yelling at each other and shooting each other. They waste their lives here, it's so sad. I am very blessed at this time, for I know through the atonement of Christ I can become like Father in Heaven.

I try every day, if i make one person smile -it's a good day. Time has flown by its very crazy! (This is in regards of his one year mark on May, 1st).I feel like I just got here yesterday!

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