Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Grand Adventure April 7

I am doing fantastic so today we went out and adventured a way cool wat thing.(Wat is a Thai word for Temple or I think place of worship.) I will send loads of pics, so today my mail will be short. We spent the whole day today hiking and exploring new areas.  It was super fun. The District President took us out on an adventure. It was quite fun!

Yes, I know Elder Khanakam(The first Area Seventy from Thailand) I served around him in Khon Kaen. It's kinda way awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS HUGE!!!!!!
Well this week was another trial week, where we just hit the pavement running and go hard core. So Sister.... has to be baptized again because she did not get confirmed that was hard cookie to bite. It sucks. 
I have a way boss water gun its AWESOME!!!!(For the upcoming Thai New Year Songkran. It is a 3 day water festival that includes water gun fights. )Yeah! its going to be way great!  Spiritual highs of the week were the amount of praying I have done and the Lord humbled me a lot this week. It was well needed.

Today, I was busy scaling a mountain. ;P.

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