Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Birthday! Look who's 20!!!!!

Holidays are always a bit more emotional since Aaron has left for his mission. Most of the time we are busy and time goes by really fast. The holidays are different. It is a time for family. He is missed very much during those occasions. Elder Proctor's birthday was no different. Once we realized that our package would not make it to him on time, we were a bit disheartened. Add Kenny into the picture. A native Thai who has met Elder Aaron and now lives in Anaheim, was scheduled to return for a vacation back in Thailand during the time of said birthday. He offered to take presents over with him. Not only did he do that, but he helped Aaron celebratee in fun ways. This included an outing to an ice skating rink, an ice-cream cake, and a compilation of birthday wishes, which he then printed up and put in a frame. To make this mom even happier he took tons of pictures and sent them to me. I am posting just a small fraction of them. Mr. Kenny is such a blessing to us!


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