Monday, April 28, 2014

Hello Bangkok.....Bangkapi Ward.......Brokenhearted for Kumpawapi April 27

Thanks to some special friends we found out that Elder Proctor really would be transferred this time around. His District President(similar to Stake President) sent this sweet text...
"As you know he will move from Kumpawapi, after serve there for a long time. All member in Kumpawapi will miss him, include District President hahahaha. I was once who met him when he was a new missionary in Khonkaen. He's a good missionary and love people that he serve thank you for your good example." How sweet! Elder Proctor served in Kumpawapi for 8 months. He really got to know the area well. He loved the people there and in the end there was heartache. After about a year of having missionaries in Kumpawapi the missionaries were pulled out. Elder Aaron found out about this during the transfer meeting. It caused him some heartache. We first found out about this from our friend Kenny. We also got this message from his now former District President,"Yes he loves that branch so much, missionary there told me that he was crying when he know that they will close missionary in that area."

So here is his update........

So, this past week was a whirlwind truly! The Kumphwapi area is closed until further notice. I don't know when it will open again for missionaries.. The reason being is, we do not have enough missionaries to serve there anymore. We dropped from 175 missionaries to 145. We are down a few.... (The mission office always puts together a slide show with transfers....this is how the missionaries find out where they are going and who they serve with......and this is what happened...)
It as upsetting, President Senior didn't show anything about Khumps and I shouted, "hey what about Khumps?" He said, "well come and riot about it, because I can't do anything about it"- (now this is exactly how Aaron write it...he could not figure out how to say it in English and that was the closest he could come up with...). Then the elder, who opened that area,  was like...." so we opened it up for nothing..." I then shouted again,"Hey you listen here, he did not open it for nothing!" Afterwards,  I went up and kinda cried while talking with President Senior. He was telling me all of the stuff that was going on and he was like.... "If you weren't up here doing what you are doing right now, I would be super worried and wonder what happened".  Elder Proctor then shared a private email he received from President Senior in which he was commended for his love for the people of Thailand- sweet enough to make a mom weep).
So, the elders in  Udorn come down to Khumps every like 3 days and take care of the people there

Yeah I  am smack dab in the city of Bangkok. I went from the heart of the country to the heart of the city. We are in a 4 elder house. We call ourselves the "Last Minute Eagles" because we got our eagles  the last second possible! I'm In place called Bangkapbi its the biggest and easiest ward in Thailand  I have been a missionary for a year! Yeah, rain its super great.... so yesterday it was the hottest day of the year -it was way hot! My comps name is Elder Gage he is from Springville, Utah and he is younger then me in the mission. He has been on his mission for 8 months. Quiet fun! Its' a blast! I am the senior comp, it's way weird!All in all there are six elders and two sisters in the ward. (Funny side of the sisters and one of the elders were in his MTC district....the elder being his companion...Aaron has not been around that many missionaries at once- since leaving the MTC.)

Everything truly is just luxury really! I mean sure, we have rats running above us all night and centipedes in the drain hole which are super dangerous! We are going to leave that house soon!
You will here of my crazy adventures..... don't worry.... don't tell mom but I kinda live in the ghetto. We are moving out so we don't get killed by the centipedes, if they bite you you may die. (Yep, I get why he did not want me to hear that...after months of monkeys, snakes......wild boar.... now centipedes....)

So our bishop is a rock star! Really he is. He is way boss at singing and first day there we were singing a sweet rendition of "Where there is Love".

We are having a baptism this week. It's awesome! Her name is Sister......!
One of our recent converts is a former  soldier who is missing his arm and eye, He is a boss who was just confirmed. He has such a testimony- it's awesome!

(One more comment from his loving mom....according to Sister Stevenson, who served in Bangkapi for awhile, there have been 30 baptisms in the ward this year. Lucky for me, I had a bunch of pics of Aaron posted on Facebook from one of the members there....)

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