Thursday, March 27, 2014

A packed suitcase and nowhere to go.... March 16

Well, we heard through the grapevine that Elder Proctor had not been transferred. It was a tough week until we finally heard from him. Here are his thoughts....

Yes, I am still here in the city of monkeys. It was hard to accept,  but the Lord works in mysterious ways. Yes, I am still here. I don't know what happened. I am hoping on Thursday, when we have zone conference I will learn why and what happened. I am fine and doing good. I survived the dispointment and now we are going to go for 2 baptisims this week. We are going to give it our all and just press forward and win! I wont lie... I am quite disappointed. I wish I knew why. But, well it's the Lord's will that I stay here longer. I am trying to figure out what I have left to do here. There is obviously someone else I need to find and help come back to the fold. I had my bags packed when I found out that I was staying. I was really sad for about two days and never did unpack one of my suitcases. I remembered then to love it, come what may..just like I was taught at home...
 But you know what.....This week we had a baptism. It was jolly good to see her get baptized. The day will be one to remember....... because the water pump did not work so well at all. Basically there was no water coming from the pump. So, we had to turn on a little faucet  and fill up buckets of water and pour them into the baptismal font. We did that for 2 hours straight and the water was just barely deep enough for her to be baptized!!! But yeah, it was funny watching us run around filling up buckets and pour them into the font. Yeah.... it was good 
Besides that, we basically invited everyone that had a face this whole week. We just went and talked to everyone. I walked into restaurants and asked people if they wanted to be baptized and what not! We also had to sent a loan shark swimming away on Sunday. He came looking for someone saying they have to pay money that day. We said, well you cant do that here because we cannot shuffle money around, so he swam away! 5555 it was awesomely fun we then went and taught an investigator who is at the moment wanting really hard to be baptised only problem is that her husband will not let her get married to him, even though they have lived together for 20+ years
Trust the Lord for with him all things are possible!

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