Tuesday, November 19, 2013

You can't stop us.....

Well this week was absolutely crazy basically we had a baptism!!! It was way awesome. She was super excited. It is so awesome seeing people come unto the gospel and be able to become happy!  Thank you for the prayers on her behalf, she almost had to go back to Laos because her grandma is not doing so good!! It was way terrifying!! Luckily she could be baptized after our district conference! It was a good day!!!! Mom, I have become ridiculously bold. Basically, I can walk up to anyone and talk to them about the gospel- without even breaking a sweat! I handle rejection like a champ and I move on!

This week we ran into a lot of opposition but in the end it worked out in our favor!! Yeah-missionary work!!!!!!!!! YOU CANT STOP US THERE WILL BE MIRACLES IF YOU BELIEVE!!!!!! (Excited….. yes I am!) We did work like champs this week! Yeah it was a good week. We did struggle with getting success but you know what!?...... Good things are coming our way!! I talked to someone from the Khon Kaen branch yesterday! Sister Mo…..  It was way fun being able to talk to her in Thai and just being able to respond was the best!! We saw a weird Asian thing some odd Chinese festival. It was interesting took some pics of it! We also had a stand there and teach about baptism it was way awesome!!

So, it has been a good week not much to report except a man who was high tried to…..  I don’t even know what he was doing….. He kinda was like a dog like lifted his leg in the air and hit me with his knee….. yeah it was way weird!!! Ha-ha yeah! I have “battled” against philosophers in Thai this week. A man taught me about Buddhism and I bore in pure testimony about the restoration and truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and Joseph restoring the church and then gave him a Book of Mormon! It was awesome!!!!

A mission is tough but it is the best thing ever!! I love it – it’s the best!!!!
Spiritual moments were me being able to speak Thai like a champ and help- people come unto Christ I love Thai, I love the gospel, it is the only way!!!

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