Tuesday, November 5, 2013

6 months...half a year...one-fourth of his mission

Well, I have not been updating the blog lately. I have been slightly overwhelmed with life lately. So, here is to trying to catch up. Elder Proctor is currently serving in Kumphawapi. He calls it the "Boonies" of Thailand. He says it is beautiful - green and lush. His companion and he are the only white people in the area. Everyone knows who they are. The branch is so small that his companion is in the bishopric (church leadership). Aaron is working on patience as his companion not only works on mission work but also takes care of his calling. Elder Proctor much rather would be out teaching people. He has also seen some wildlife and has been chased by some of it.

Well here are some of his insights over the last couple of weeks.

Well the highlight of the week was a baptism. She is way nice and believes in Jesus. That building in the background yeah that's the church....... tiny. After she was baptized we went out and watched those laterns in the sky kinda like Rapunzel movie -pretty sweet!!  Got an ok pic of one see what you think!


Lantern Festival

So yeah this pat week was way long. A lot happened... I cut a snake into three bits(all right so I got a follow up on that as we were emailing back and forth. Elder Proctor found the snake as he took of the lid of a water source while working on the church grounds. Out slid a slippery, silvery snake....after sending some pictures to him he determined that it looked a lot like this......anyway... Elder Aaron was worried about the children playing there so he ran, got a machete out of the shed and cut the snake into three pieces so it couldn't hurt it anymore.)
  I got mooned in a lesson. It was way funny threw me off hard core ,but it was a good little laugh!!  it was another tough week come and gone with many sleepless nights for my bed is made of stone - No I sleep on a rock hard bed, literally a rock. There are indents from  where I was sleeping and that's about the softest spot on the bed and it still hurts my body!

I' m feeling better this week- it was all thanks to all the talks from conference. They were truly inspirational and helped me grow so much.  They were very great talks.  We have been helping people come back to activity. We have been out preaching the gospel and bring people unto Christ. Sure we get rejected and people don't always agree with what we say but that happens right? The reason we spend so much time on the computer is that my comp is in the branch presidency. He is the second counselor. We are always updating MLS and doing tithing and what not and then dealing with the problems of the branch. It is a very special area in the mission. It has the potential to grow into something absolutely amazing.   Rise up! Your destiny is a glorious one! Stand tall and walk in the light of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ! You are stronger than you realize." President Uchtdorf 
Yeah the talks in conference were great they will teach the whole family to prepare for the upcoming storm as the world slowly becomes more evil. Conference was amazing it taught me so much! i have learned a lot the past week. It has showed where I need to improve and where I need to be better (i know they are the same thing) I have learned that I need to look at others viewpoints. Sure I don't have to agree with them but I can still accept them!

Well, Thailand is starting to enter the "cool" season, which means ... that the coldest it gets is around 80 degrees ......yeah not that cold really but it feels cold which is weird.  It gets dark around eight here as well. It's "0" fun because the work just dies at night time because everyone hides inside when the night or rain comes. It's a little tough when the happens but you put your game face on and go to work.

The new area is ok. I'm still trying to fit in here.  We bike everywhere man. Everywhere.... it's way crazy but on the plus side I can ride my bike with no handle bars now! Look Pa no hands!  It has not rained as much as it usually does, which is fine by me! When it rains frogs are everywhere and it gets hard to not squish them while riding! !  We have hot water but since coming to Thailand I take cold showers every day. I figure it's hot outside -why make it worse?

I was sent here ( Kumphawapi) for a reason. So far I have learned quite a bit. Maybe we will see more growth in myself! Spiritual moments are everywhere! a couple

The city is very small. There is a stop light but it doesn't get used ever it is there for looking at. They instead have a monkey round about thin/ The members... there are like four really strong members but the rest are kinda just there.
Love ya lots 
Elder Yim(smile in thai) Proctor of the monkey tribe!

As you may have guessed I combined several weeks of letters.... I have a couple more weeks to catch-upon... stay tuned!

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