Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Surprise Baptism June 9

We had a baptism today. It was one of the investigators who said she may not be baptized for 2 years! Yeah it was a surprise! It was way sweet! Her name is B. She accepted the gospel like no one's business! Her only problem was, well that she had to get married. But then about a week ago she went to Phuket and got married. It was awesome! She then got baptized. She is pretty fantastic!

Yes, I will be there (in response to my inquiry if he would attend the special Stake/District conference next weekend)It is a big deal, because Elder Gong, the Area President for us, will be there. The last time he came was when I was in  Khon Kaen. That was to see if this area was ready for another stake or not! We will see what happens, it's kinda exciting!! Well that is way awesome -  SWITZERLAND being rededicated to missionary work. That means many more blessings will be bestowed upon it, more than ever before!
Today we did not go to the zoo, instead we played soccer with everyone in our zone. It was very fun!! Sorry,  no cool pics..... I was busy playing soccer to the max. It was super "delicious" fun! 
Well, we have been struggling with inviting. We have not really had time to do it. We have been busy with other things. On Saturday, we went out with the youth and taught them to be missionaries. It was pretty fun. I  played an investigator that was a drunkard. The people teaching me struggled a little bit but they held there own! 

Last week we found a bag with a Burmese man's passport in it. We posted his face everywhere to see if he would call us and try to come and get it, Well the days passed by and then yesterday we got a call. It was him! He came to the church to get the passport. We may end up teaching this guy soon!

Always remember that the sun will always overpower the darkness, no matter what!
The devil's power is as real as the wind, but the way we protect ourselves from his power by following all of the commandments and respecting the priesthood. The priesthood is the power to overcome all darkness! No matter what!

Youth Missionary Activity with Elder Gage

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