Wednesday, June 12, 2013

6 weeks....since he!

I mentioned that I would like to put together a first aid backpack for him- in case of a natural disaster- including lots of different items so he could help out. Also he finally answered the whole...instacare cliffhanger....
I love the idea of having a emergency pack it sounds like a grand idea!I love that you thought of that. I am actually going to try to host today (welcoming new missionaries) so we will see if that happens and if it does not work then oh well I can say I tried!The reason I was at instacare was that Elder Black was sick and, on Saturday the health clinic in the MTC was closed, by the time we got there, so they shipped us over to the instacare.  We got to see the real world, smell fresh air, and be like unto a missionary!!!!!!! Yeah, I'm that awesome! So I have run into Elder Richardson(college roommate) at least three times since he got here. When he first said hello to me, he ran and gave me a big bear hug and I felt the spirit coursing through  him.  It was AWESOME!!!!! Yesterday at the devotional we got to hear from Elder Arnold and his wife.  His wife is the one with the story about the cow that eats the wheat and she calls it a "stupid cow" . I was like, hey I remember your husband talking about that! Yep monkey! I have had so many blessings, I have decided to become like Brigham Young and become the Lion Of The Lord.  I am going to be bold about the gospel.  I'm kinda really excited! I am planning of giving a Book Of Mormon out at the airport  or on the plane, whichever happens, I am pretty excited! After every devotional I am just super pumped and I want to go preach the word even though I can only cobble a broken sentence in Thai together.
I have to say that Tony and Alyssa are pretty much some of the nicest people out there. I mean they took Brian to Frogurt .I could not have asked for better friends at all! So, a lot of my friends think I am in Thailand right now.  I think it is kinda funnyy!!
 Today all the new Thais and Viets, and Cambos are coming, SO my duties as a Zone leader are now in full swing.There are over 50 new missionaries for those countries entering the MTC today...

We lost on of our favorite teaches to the new Thais though, so we all are preetty bummed out!
I LOB YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! I have decided that English is very hard! Thank you for believing in me!

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