Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Pleasant Surprise!

This is the sweet message that I received on Aaron's Facebook page today.
Good afternoon,
My name is Phichet Srimueng. I was a Sunday School President at the branch he is now serving as his first Area, Khonkaen. May I be Elder Proctor's friend on Facebook, please? I left the branch 2 weeks ago in order to get ready for school. I went to BYU-Hawaii for some time after my mission. Now, I'm going back to school again. I'll begin my semester this fall and I'm accepted at University of Wisconsin - River Falls. That is why I'd like to keep in touch with him.
Here is a picture I took with him and his trainer the day I left the branch. Elder Proctor is fun to work with. He'll be in the my beloved home branch for at least 9 weeks, I guess. I went to teach with him and his companion the first second day he arrived the area. He was so nervous, but calm and confident. Above all, Elder Proctor works really hard with his trainer. He also works so hard on his Thai language. And it's getting really amazing! Elder Proctor is very kind. Everybody loves his smile and his kindness. And that's something everyone in the branch is truly grateful for. Thank you very much for taking time reading this message. I hope it finds you in good cheers and well.

Needless to say I cried.


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