Monday, July 15, 2013

Pig Skin and Neck, Silkworm and Crickets.... can you guess what's for dinner???????

Dear family,
Yeah I don't like the lake because of the mosquitoes it brings... My feet are basically covered in bites, its the best! My apartment is probably one of the best because it’s not an apartment it’s a house!! The most scary thing that has been in it...would have been a gecko. There are geckos here that make the same sounds as the raptors from Jurassic park make! To be honest I almost pooped myself when I heard it the first time! It scared me so bad! You can only send it to the mission office the will eventually ship it out here. ( I had asked him if there was a more direct way to get mail to him) Thank you for the letter you sent me while I was still in the mtc it came at a time most needed! (I sent a letter to Thailand while he was still at the MTC= he got it when he arrived in Thailand) So our investigators... lets see there is M who is scheduled to be baptized in three weeks, Tb who is scheduled to be baptized in three weeks as well. We struggle with him because he worships other deities, but we are trying and doing are best to bring him unto Christ. Then there is a family we are teaching. I think in two weeks they will be baptize. There is a man that my comp and I found while inviting. He is scheduled to be baptized in two weeks!  This place is ready for the gospel!! It is super crazy! We teach an English class every Tuesday 6 30 to 8 it is pretty sweet!! No, the members do not invite, us we usually schedule a appointment with them and teach them then depending on what time it is they will feed us, here are couple of the interesting things I have eaten are.  Silkworm and crickets, neck of pig, and pigskin, deep-fried of course! Where we usually eat is from street vendors for about 30 baht, which is a dollar you get a full meal, it is the best! We always sit on the floor, so we sit with our legs crossed all the time! Man oh maan 7-11 is huge here you pay your bills through seven, its mind blowing all of the stuff they have there! We do get rejected a lot but it doesn’t faze me because they are not rejecting me they are rejecting the savior. Yeah my bike was on sale so I got lucky with that! I’m kinda starting to hate rice! Ahh so much rice!!!! I need to learn Thai!!  That is all! I love being a missionary this is the best mission on earth It is basically paradise but it rains a lot! Coolest experience would have been on Sunday when I got the opportunity to confirm some one with the Holy Ghost!! Whaaaa? Been here a week and helped in a confirmation! Sorry I let pride get to me there. I love this gospel so much. 
Elder Proctor

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