Sunday, July 7, 2013

Khon Kaen- here we go!

Dearest family
> Thailand is insane!!! Everyone on motorcycles drives on the sidewalks and you have to always be on your toes here! Uhmm so yeah I have a bike now and if I was not a missionary I probably would have been hit by a car a long time ago! Everyone drives like a mad man here its ridiculous!!
> My first day was pure bonkers I felt like I was rushing around in Bangkok trying to figure out what was going on. Well after we got off the plane we went through customs.... without our LUGGAGE! Yeah we misread the instructions and thought they said that the other elders and mission pres. had already got them yeahhh. ( so, messaging back and forth with him for a minute- yes he does have his luggage...)

 The Dan Jones experience is where you pretend you are Dan Jones (the missionary in whales) and go and give a Book of Mormon to a random person. SO I went with an elder whose name is Elder Adams.We said a prayer and he said alright where too? I looked at him like whaaaa??? I had been in Bangkok for about 4 hours, I had no clue! Then I received an impression to go to the university where we found a man and taught him for 45 min. Then I gave him a Book of Mormon. It was AWESOME!  After that I received an impression to give a pass along card to an art student who I thought would not be interested in the gospel, in the end he said he would go to church!!!

 So my comps name is Elder Ellsworth and he is from Oklahoma. He has been out a year and a half. I am in a place called Khon Khen (probably spelled wrong) My first Sunday was absolutely bonkers! There was so much going on and since I am the nung kiao (greenie) I have no idea what they are saying here. Their accent is way different then what I am used to. I am about 7 hours away from Bangkok. So we  had one baptism yesterday and that was pretty cool to see,  and I committed someone to baptism already!!!!! It is super crazy! the people here want the gospel, but we do get rejected a lot!

My fourth of July -we had KFC in Thailand it was weird! President Senior is super awesome. Apparently at a zone conference everyone was falling asleep in HHS lesson, which was about the Title of Liberty. So what did he do to wake everyone up? He took his suit coat off and ripped it in half and made a Title of Liberty!!!! Whaaaaa??? this is the best place ever! It's like paradise mixed with teaching!

SO we need to make this branch become a ward then a stake so we can get a temple!
> I love you much Elder Proctor

As I was messaging for just about a minute he told me that they took a bus to Khon Kaen and that he bought a bike there.

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