Monday, July 1, 2013

Times Sure Have Changed........

We were super excited because we knew that we would talk to Aaron today. As it is "tradition" missionaries often call from the airport to talk to their families for a little bit before they get on their flight. Parents who are lucky enough to have their missionaries have more than one lay-over may get to talk to them twice. After learning that others had sent their missionaries a cell phone so they would not have to stand in-line to use the pay phone(ever notice the ever vanishing pay phone.....), anyway we decided to go the same route. We bought him a super cheap cell phone and he cleared it with his branch president, anyway- we thought it would be a better option than the "old- fashioned" way. :-) Aaron was not scheduled to leave the MTC until the afternoon- so we went boating and thought of him quite a bit. Our first time boating without him. Aaron called around 5 pm. And believe it or not- he was on frontrunner (our commuter train)- boy how times have changed. The MTC took them to the nearest frontrunner station and once they reach Salt Lake City they will get on TRAX (our street tram system) which will take them to the airport. Crazy huh! Anyway, Aaron had told all the kids flying out with him today not to buy phone cards that they all would be able to use his phone. Love it! Aaron is very excited to finally be able to leave for Thailand. His district "skyped" with people in Thailand twice and he absolutely loved the experience.He said it seemed that they talked faster than he was used to. One of his teachers complemented him on his Thai skills. That was great! He is sending some Thai language books home so I can start learning how to speak it...... Ha! His whole district is on the same flight to LAX and then they will split into 2 different flights to Hong Kong where they will all meet up again. Some of his really good friends entered the MTC this last week and Aaron had hoped to see them. I told him in one of my letters to not get his hopes up..but he was truly blessed because he ran into his good friend Elder Teano Allsup and his good friend Elder Nathan Anderson whom he has not seen for 2 years. I hope to have pictures next week. We should get his fist e-mail from Thailand next Monday. Monday is what is usually a missionaries "P" (preparation) Day. That is the day they do their laundry, write home, go grocery shopping and sight see. Can't wait to share his adventures!

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