Saturday, October 4, 2014

Being a Trainer September 21

My new companion is a boss.(Elder Proctor is training a "greenie"- a new missionary. The new missionaries come pre- trained ! So, I am respomsible to help him become a better missionary then I am. I need to help prepare him to become the best missionary there ever was! We have a 12 week program that he has to do. He will be learning how to become the best kid on the street ever! He speaks Thai better then I did when I was the new kid in town! Well, we study until 12, so it eats up a good amount of our time. His name is Elder Howard and he is from Lehi. (As I was reading this email from my missionary, I couldn't help but think back how I felt when I received Aaron's first email from Thailand and fondly thought of Elder Howard's mom)He played basketball and  has played against Herriman before, so he knows where it is!  He is eating Thai food like a boss. He takes it good strides. (We saw Elder Howard in tears as we were watching the transfer meeting- he was in tears because of the spicy food he had been eating) Yesterday I made him Pad Thai and he was so happy, because he was like..... This is the first meal I have had that is not spicy!!
All the other elders from my district transferred out. Elder Hogan is in my district now, it's awesome!! Elder Kettawong is with us as well. Now he has the opportunity to teach his sister!
Sadly, no baptisms this week. We are actually trying to find people again.... wooha!  
It is a time where the devil grabs them and pulls them away we try really hard and they get pulled away. The devil is trying to stop us from getting a temple here.
I ask you that you pray that we can achieve our goal this Sunday of feeding the 5000. We need it so bad! We want 5000 members around Thailand at church, at the same time! 
Pictures from the final outing as a district to Erwan National Park. The missionaries hired a driver to take them there and they had a great time. They found information about POWs that were in that area during World War II. Elder Proctor found the area very fascinating.

Elder proctor's mom thought....YIKES!!! when she saw this picture.

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