Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A dog bite and road rash...... February 1st

It was a pretty tough week to be honest ;D- that means blessings all round right?? So this whole week I have been sick. I have lost my voice last night and 2 nights ago a dog bit my foot while riding my bike, causing me to fall off of it and slide across the street. 
This past week we went to Ayuttya to have a special meeting with President Senior which was awesome. We learned that we are going to build the families up in Thailand. It's gonna be good! We were also told that we need to put together a wedding HOW ON EARTH DO I DO THAT? Any ideas how you do a wedding?? We also talked with our investigator's boss who is a member from Arizona. It was a pivotal moment in our investigator's life. I am convinced without a choice there are moments in our lives that change the course of our life forever. I feel in those moments everything revolves around you and causes you to think. I have had a few of those moments in my mission and they have been for the best. They have changed the course of my life! Anyway our investigator texted us yesterday and said that  he wants to get baptized as soon as possible. Because he knows its true!
This is the time I have to serve the Lord. Elder Gong just wanted to sit down and just talk with us district leaders and how to be a good leader, which is so cool. It's the reason I was transferred to Lopburi because I needed to hear that. I am still wondering why I am here. It's quite bizarre! 
I feel like I am a ward builder and Lopburi already has a ward.
God works in mysterious ways. That's all I know and it is fantastic isn't it? 

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