Thursday, May 9, 2013

1st letter home

My p-days are on Wednesday as you can tell. (I had been bugging him in my daily letters- because I had not heard from him....and as destiny would have it...his very last possible day to have Pday was...Wednesday...) I actually have two compainions so its called a tripanionship, the language is rough and I am struggling but you know whatever! It has been a very crazy past days. The first day we were here the teachers just talked in Thai, and to be frank I almost left in frustration.  Finally, they pantomimed where I needed to go and what not.  After that i met my companions. They are Elder Black and Elder Hogan. Its like living with Connor and Preston. Elder Black is the Connor and Elder Hogan is Preston. It is pretty funny at times. The language is super rough but with Lord's strength I can do anything!  Our president went to Germany so we talked a bit in German and what not. It has been a blast here, but I feel about as big as a bug at times. . In our district their are six sisters, one of them Sister Nyrananan is a recent convert to the church, she has a super strong testimony!! . I am so blessed to be here at this time, the devotionals are super fantastic!! I  will be at the MTC for 9 weeks- not six. Hey can you also tell my friends about dear elder? I love getting those letters from you guys!
Eldee Proctor
(elder in thai romanized)

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